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About Monroe

Monroe started as a tire pump manufacturer for early automobile owners in 1916. It was founded by August F. Meyer, a mechanic and entrepreneur based in Monroe, Michigan, as Monroe Auto Equipment Company. Ten years later, Meyer, together with local Dodge motorcar dealer Charles S. McIntyre, introduced the first Monroe “Shock Eliminator.” This provided improved ride control and comfort compared to the carriage springs on most passenger vehicles.

Monroe Auto Equipment decided to expand its customer base, so it started offering its products in Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, South America, and Canada. And after more than 50 years since its founding, Tenneco, a renowned American automotive components OEM and aftermarket ride control and emissions products manufacturer, acquired the company to grow its product portfolio.

Ten years later, Tenneco launched Monroe Gas-Matic™ shocks, which were considered the first gas-charged replacement shock absorbers. And in 1999, the company ventured into the production of struts with the introduction of the Monroe Reflex® shocks and struts. Today, Monroe continues to be the brand of choice for many OE manufacturers looking for not just high-quality components but also excellent customer service.

During the brand’s 100th-anniversary celebration, its theme was “Made for the Road Ahead.” That is because the brand looks forward to seeking new opportunities to enhance vehicle performance and stability. And when it says opportunities, it means not only creating innovative products but also making strong connections with new dedicated channel partners.

Monroe Parts

Monroe takes pride in its vast selection of products, ranging from shock absorbers, struts, strut assemblies, steering stabilizers, conversion kits, and lift supports. All these Monroe parts are manufactured using advanced technologies and following only the best-in-class production processes and testing. This ensures each product that comes out of its facilities provides exceptional performance, superior reliability, maximum efficiency, and long-lasting service.

Monroe Shock Absorbers

The Monroe shock absorbers are crucial vehicle suspension system components. They have three important functions: dampen or absorb the rebound and compression of the springs, control spring and suspension movement, and keep the tires in contact with the road at all times. Overall, they help reduce the effect of traveling over rough road conditions, resulting in improved vehicle handling and ride quality.

The options available for Monroe truck shock absorbers are Gas-Magnum®, Monro-Matic®, OESpectrum®, and Reflex®. All these shock options offer exceptional handling, improved performance, consistent ride, reduced vibration and noise, better control, and increased durability. They are also built to last longer than the competing units.

Aside from truck shock absorbers, the brand also carries Max-Air® air adjustable shocks and load adjusting shock absorbers. The Max-Air® shock absorber can be inflated or deflated as needed to maintain level vehicle height. On the other hand, the load adjusting shocks are made with a heavy gauge calibrated spring to provide comfort and extra control and assist in maintaining ride height when the vehicle is loaded with extra 1,100 lbs.

Monroe Struts

Just like the shocks, the Monroe struts are also significant structural components of the suspension system. They are used primarily in place of the upper ball joint and control arm in a conventional suspension. What sets them apart from shock is that they are lighter and take up less space.

The struts from Monroe are also available in the following series: Monro-Matic®, OESpectrum®, and Reflex®. All these perform the following functions: to dampen vibrations just like what the shock absorbers do, provide structural support for the vehicle suspension, support the spring, and hold the tire in an aligned position.

Monroe Strut Assemblies

There are two options available for Monroe strut assemblies: the Quick-Strut® Complete Replacement Strut Assembly and the Magnum™ Loaded Strut Assemblies.

The Quick-Strut® strut assembly is designed to restore OE-vehicle ride height and control. It is made using high-quality components to ensure it lasts longer in your vehicle and comes with a protective coating to resist rust and prevent corrosion buildup effectively. It already includes all the parts that you need for a complete strut replacement, so it saves you time and money in the process.

Meanwhile, the Magnum™ loaded strut assembly is a highly reliable assembly designed primarily for half-ton trucks that tow, haul, and plow. It helps carry the load and maintains vehicle control using Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD) or Monotube Technology. Like other Monroe parts, this product is also built to last and provide increased performance.

Monroe Steering Stabilizers

Stopping vibration before it gets to the driver—that’s the main function of the Monroe® Magnum™ steering stabilizers. These components, which act as a horizontal shock absorber, are made suitable for vans, trucks, and various 4-wheel drive vehicles. They help increase control under all driving conditions, and they are made to provide drivers with years of reliable service.

Monroe Conversion Kits

Upgrade your truck using the Monroe conversion kits. These kits help convert a truck’s factory-equipped air, hydraulic self-leveling or electronic suspension to a non-air or non-electronic suspension set up. And what’s good about this product is that it does not require any vehicle modification just to complete installation.

Each Monroe conversion kit includes the necessary parts and hardware and detailed instructions for quick, hassle-free installation. It is also available at a low cost, so upgrading your truck using this kit won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here are the options available for this product:

  • 90028C FOR 2018 – 2013 RAM 1500
  • 90023C1 & 90023C2 for 2013-2007 Ford Expedition and 2013-2007 Lincoln Navigator
  • 90022 for 2009–2003 Lexus GX470 and 2009–2003 Toyota 4Runner

Monroe Lift Support

Lifting and holding open hatches, hoods, trunks, or glove boxes is made easier with the Monroe Max-Lift® gas charged lift support. This product is made to exacting standards to ensure precise fit and function. So when your existing lift support is rendered useless and already needs replacement, you can rely on this product to seamlessly fit in your vehicle and work just like the worn original unit.

Made suitable for toolboxes, pick-up caps, marine, and other custom applications, the Max-Lift® lift support provides a smoother operation and greater durability than other lift supports from competing brands.

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When it comes to your vehicle shocks and struts, don’t settle for anything less—choose Monroe. As the brand says, “If it does not say Monroe, then it’s not.” So, go only for this trusted brand to feel the Monroe difference. Because once you do, you’ll never go back to your old brand of shocks and struts again.