Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Privacy Policy?

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How do I contact FinditParts?

You can email us or go to the contact us page.

Where can I find your Return Policy?

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How do I find parts on your website?

There are several ways to find your part in FinditParts: 1. Use the search box. At the home page, enter your part number or part description on the search box and click on search. You will then see a list of search results. 2. Use the "Shop by Category" On the left side, there is a section called "Shop by Category". Select the category of the part you are looking for then select the sub-category. Ex. If you are looking for a brake pad, click on "Brakes", select the sub-category of "Pads, Shoes, and Lining".

What if I receive the wrong part?

Contact FinditParts to request a Return Authorization Request. Please email us for any additional questions.

What if I can't find a part in your website?

Some rebuilt and remanufactured and even new parts have more than one part number. When you list with us, we will make sure that your truck part will be linked both with your part number and any alternate part number contained within our extensive cross reference library. If a customer has an OEM part number, we will cross reference that part into an aftermarket truck part or an alternate manufacturer.

What payment methods are available for FinditParts?

FinditParts has enabled an ecommerce solution where you can pay by credit card(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX), PayPal or open account if applicable, and the order will be processed and shipped to you.

Will I be billed if the part is in back order?

Yes. At the time your order is placed, we will collect the money for the order.

Where can I find your Policies and Procedures?

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Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

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