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5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Costly Forklift Repairs

by Lyn Leoncito on January 21, 2021

Image Source: Pexels Forklifts won't be considered the backbone of manufacturing or industrial businesses for nothing. Such equipment alleviates the workloads of employees and helps streamline the workforce's productivity. But like other workhorses, forklifts can also do so much. Eventually, they will also succumb to wear and tear, which can ... read more

Category: Truck Repair

4 Tips To Avoid Costly Truck Repairs

by Alvin Ybañez on January 18, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay Trucking is an expensive business, and a huge amount of that money often ends up in repairs. According to industry statistics, truck maintenance and repairs cost owners an estimated $15,000 annually, although this may increase if the truck is an older model. But while wear and tear ... read more

Category: Truck Repair

5 Truck Repairs You Can Do Yourself

by Phoebe Trilles on January 14, 2021

Image Source: If you are a fleet owner or operator, repair and maintenance costs can form a significant portion of your fleet’s operating costs. That is why it is highly necessary to select the right mechanic or professional technician to handle repair and maintenance tasks to keep your fleet ... read more

Category: Truck Repair

Winter Driving Challenges Faced by Truck Drivers and How to Deal with Them

by Lyn Leoncito on January 11, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay Winter driving is no easy feat. While dealing with the cold, truckers also need to be extra mindful of all the driving challenges and dangerous situations brought about by snow and the icy weather in general. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), ... read more

Category: Trucking Stories

7 Common Truck Parts Problems During Winter and How to Avoid Them

by Phoebe Trilles on January 7, 2021

Heavy duty trucks may look powerful because of their huge size, but come winter, they're no different from smaller trucks and cars. Icy highways and snow-covered roads can make it twice as difficult to maneuver since a bigger rig often demands maneuvering skills and greater skid control than smaller vehicles. ... read more

Category: Truck Repair

Winter Kit Essentials Every Truck Driver Must Have

by Alvin Ybañez on January 5, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay Winter often brings up visions of cozy fireplaces and mugs of hot cocoa, but this also means a stressful driving season for truckers. What could be just a minor problem in warmer seasons could prove serious during a snowstorm. But while the snow, ice, and colder weather ... read more

Category: Trucking Stories

7 Trucking Tips to Staying Warm During the Winter Season

by Phoebe Trilles on December 31, 2020

Image Source: All seasons have their own sets of driving challenges. But from the four seasons, winter can be the most unforgiving. From unpredictable weather conditions and freezing temperatures to equipment failure and ice and snow, winter can make it especially difficult for truckers to stay warm when they ... read more

Category: Tips and Tricks

10 Winter Driving Tips for Long-Haul Truckers

by Lyn Leoncito on December 28, 2020

Image Source: Pixabay Driving in snow or icy roads and inclement weather is always a challenge, even for the most experienced truckers. Poor visibility, decreased traction, and loaded trailer make the job of a big rig driver extra tricky. Preventive maintenance prepares your truck for the season of wear and ... read more

Category: Tips and Tricks

How to Handle Holiday Stress: 5 Tips for Truck Drivers and Fleet Managers

by Lyn Leoncito on December 24, 2020

Image Source: Pexels It's the most beautiful yet busiest time of the year again, especially for freight truck drivers. During the holidays, customers' extra shopping demands mean more freight for the truckers to deliver and additional traffic on the roads. Such a situation leads to taxing road travel, especially to ... read more

Category: Tips and Tricks

7 Fuel-Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

by Alvin Ybañez on December 21, 2020

Image Source: Pixabay Professional truck drivers can only estimate so much on the expenses for running their rigs. But regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, studies show that an estimated 30% of operating costs go to fuel expenses. In the U.S. alone, the trucking industry burns through some ... read more

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