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A Closer Look at the Eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings

by Phoebe Trilles on July 13, 2020

Leakages, contamination, pressure drops, and intricate assemblies are just some engineering challenges that the quick disconnect couplings address. That is why, when choosing these products, make sure to get them only from a reputable manufacturer like Eaton. Eaton is a worldwide leader in power management technologies and services that are ... read more

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5 Ways to Keep Your Truck Roadworthy

by Alvin Ybañez on July 9, 2020

Image Source: Pexels From long stretches of highways to harsh weather conditions, trucks can take a lot of abuse. And while truck components are specially designed for durability, they will degrade over time. To prevent this, they must undergo constant maintenance from professionals in order to keep its parts running ... read more

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The Most Important Dos and Don’ts When Stopping at a Weigh Station

by Phoebe Trilles on July 6, 2020

Image Source: Pixabay Truck drivers, just like any other worker, have schedules and deadlines to meet. They are often required to deliver their cargo to its destination as quickly as possible. In an effort to make the delivery on time, some drivers tend to drive as far as possible before ... read more

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10 Tips to Summer-ize Your Fleet

by Lyn Leoncito on July 2, 2020

Image Source: Unsplash Preparing your fleet for the summer season may not be an easy feat, but it is necessary to keep your trucks or commercial vehicles on the road during the hottest days of the year. Summer is the busiest season for roadways, and if you are not adequately ... read more

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Are Truck Stops Still Open During COVID-19? What To Expect

by Alvin Ybañez on June 30, 2020

Image Source: Pixabay While the U.S. is still reeling from the COVID-19 crisis, many of the country’s truckstops and travel center chains remain open. Lisa Mullings, President and CEO of the National Association of Truck Stop Owners (NATSO) said that keeping truck stops open is essential even when other businesses ... read more

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Fleet Engineers: Keeping Employees and Customers Safe with its Frontline Safety Shields

by Phoebe Trilles on June 25, 2020

During the early months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a lot of companies, from local businesses to blue-chip giants, to put their operations on hold. Many were hurt financially, and owners were uncertain about how they could bounce back in the post-pandemic world. Now, as the world starts relaxing ... read more

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How the Truckers Help in Moving America Forward during a Pandemic

by Lyn Leoncito on June 22, 2020

The truck drivers are among the country's unsung heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the majority of the Americans put under lockdown and ordered to stay at home while the country is battling against the coronavirus crisis, truckers bravely remain behind the wheel of their big rigs to supply the ... read more

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8 Crucial Steps to Keeping Truck Driver Safety During Protests

by Phoebe Trilles on June 16, 2020

In Minneapolis, the George Floyd protest that began peacefully on Tuesday, May 26 has turned into an ongoing series of civil unrest. Truckers are advised to use caution before entering any protest area with demonstrators and police clashing in bloody confrontations in the city's streets. Trucking companies are no strangers ... read more

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COVID-19 Update

by David Seewack on March 16, 2020

As founder and CEO of, I would like to take a moment to address the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Like everyone, we are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation, and making the necessary adjustments in our business to keep everyone safe and socially conscious of those around ... read more

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Cole Hersee Products: A Detailed Review

by Daniel LaBare on November 11, 2019

Cole Hersee is a leading OEM and replacement part manufacturer of electrical switches and components. They take great pride in the durability and quality of their products. Founded in 1924, they have always been a leader in developing heavy-duty vehicle components. They have been involved in the development of quality ... read more

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