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Boosting Trucking Fuel Efficiency: Strategies to Lower Fuel Expenses and Operational Costs

by David Seewack on November 21, 2023

The trucking industry stands as the vital backbone of commerce, navigating through the challenges of escalating fuel costs and environmental responsibilities. This guide delves into practical tips and strategies designed for truckers and fleets to enhance efficiency and manage fuel expenses. read more

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Rolling Green: How FinditParts Accelerates Towards Sustainable Shipping

by David Seewack on November 14, 2023

There is a major development at FinditParts: the new partnership with the Smart Way Sustainable Shipper. This is not just an achievement; it's a pivotal moment that enhances how we handle logistics and shows our commitment to a sustainable future. read more

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VMRS Can Help Fleets Understand Their Parts Needs

by David Seewack on April 11, 2022

By analyzing VMRS coded maintenance and repair data, fleets gain insights into what parts they are replacing or repairing and how frequently. read more

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