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Phillips Industries has been involved in trucking for more than 90 years. Throughout the company's history, it has been producing high-quality trailers, tools, and countless kinds of parts. It's this proud history of high-quality product development that makes Phillips Industries one of the top contenders in the field of parts manufacturing.

Not only is Phillips Industries a long-standing company, it's also a consistent winner of awards in multiple categories. In 2018 alone, Phillips Industries took home four separate awards at the Davey Awards, Telly Awards, and American Advertising awards shows.

Even after all this time and countless awards, Phillips Industries hasn't forgotten where it came from. The company still produces high-quality trailers, parts, and the tools necessary to get the job done.

We carry five different categories of Phillips Industries tools and workshop essentials as well as hundreds of different parts. From air systems devices to towing and cargo control systems, Phillips Industries makes it all and we sell it all.

We've neatly arranged each of the company's products into ten different categories to make finding the right part a more enjoyable and less time-consuming process, befitting a company that has made such a name for itself in the world of philanthropy.

Not only does Phillips Industries produce top-of-the-line parts for countless different engine configurations and rig designs, it also gives back to the community in a way that keeps the world of trucking pure. When you're driving Phillips parts, you can feel as good about where your money's going as you do about the ride.