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5 Hilarious Trucking Stories that Will Crack You Up

5 Hilarious Trucking Stories that Will Crack You Up

Image Source: Pixabay

Truck drivers are on the road for around 18 hours a day or more and have probably seen a big part of America. No wonder every trucker indeed has great—from ordinary to the most bizarre—stories to share. Since they have been doing this job for a long time now, seasoned drivers will never run out of tales about the wildest, funniest, and scariest stuff they have encountered in truck stops or on the road. If you could use a good laugh after a tiring day, you may check out these five funny trucking stories that will make you hoot into laughter:

The tale of a driver taking a short power nap

Tired from driving for a couple of days, this trucker pulled into the on-ramp on I 70 in Kansas to take a short power nap about an hour before sunset. He got into the sleeper, leaving the curtain slightly open. He woke up just when the sun was on the horizon and panicked, thinking he slept all night and what he was seeing was sunrise. Knowing he was late, he got into the driver's seat barefooted and began hauling. After a few miles of driving, he realized that he was heading westbound into a setting sun, and he only had a short nap (as intended) and not an all-night sleep.

Lack of sleep and no nearby bathrooms spell disaster

Here's a trucker story from Thrillist that could make you burst into laughter:

"Some guys pee in jugs. You don't want to do it, but it happens. It's just that it's hard to find a place to stop where you can actually fit your rig in, and you can only drive so many miles holding it in. Now, you mix that with the fatigue, that hypnosis you get watching the road hour after hour, you run the danger of doing some stupid stuff. If I have to pee in a container in my car, I pour it down the drain and get rid of the bottle the next time I stop. A few people are assholes and they just toss it on the roadside.

"One time I saw one driver coming into the shower at the truck stop all angry, you could smell the pee on him. Come to find out he'd been so zoned out he'd tried to throw the bottle through the window without remembering to roll down the window. Splashed back all over the cab."

Top it up with whipped cream

A fleet owner/operator needed to ship containers of whipped cream from one state to another, passing through the Rocky Mountains. Upon checking the provided route, he realized he could save time by taking another route through the mountains. After arriving on the other side of the mountain, he decided to stop for a meal. He checked in the back only to find out that he had made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. It turned out he took a high mountain pass, and the pressure caused the lids of the containers to pop off, covering the inside of the trailer with whipped cream.

Head-on collision prank

There's this classic story of a driver taking a nap over the truck's steering wheel, and a co-driver stopped and positioned his truck nose to nose with his, then blew the air horn. This made the napping driver suddenly wake up and freak out, thinking he is just seconds away from a head-on collision! Just imagining the reaction of the napping driver is enough to make you shriek with laughter, right?

The light pole puller

A long-haul trucker shared his experience from his teenage years when he went across a bridge in the middle of the night and was surprisingly pulled over. Bewildered, the trucker went down and found out that the lights on the bridge were all wired together over the roadway. Unfortunately, the trailer he is driving is high enough to catch the wires and efficiently pull down every single light pole.

Driving on a rail yard

We also found this hilarious story of a delivery truck driver in an unfamiliar town on Reddit:

"I was making a delivery and was crossing the train tracks in a strange town. Along the tracks were those cone-shaped pine trees used as wind breakers or privacy walls. I couldn't see through them at all because they were so thick. Slowly, I crossed the tracks. There were no red lights flashing, the oncoming traffic was blasting through there, and I had no reason to believe it wasn't safe to cross."

"Needless to say, I began crossing the tracks. Immediately past the trees I looked left and saw a train, with its light on, coming at me from about 40 yards away! I could feel the engine thumping. I gunned it! In an automatic this means you go nowhere fast. Fortunately for me, I made it. Barely! I looked back over my shoulder and saw that it was a stupid rail yard and they were doing a turnaround and had parked that train there out of the way. It sucked. Big time!"

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