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From production to store shelf, the QWIK-CHANGE™ PAK (Power Air Kit) comes packaged in a multi-functional, sleek and durable, easy-to-carry box designed to display and market the product.  From shelf to customer, the QWIK-CHANGE™ PAK is a premium all-in-one back-of-cab system, ready-to-install right out of the box.  Based on selection, the kit comes with a 12’ or length premium 3-IN-1 air and electrical assembly with factory-installed gladhands and two tracker spring kits.  The entire system, straight from the box, is designed for quick installation, easy maintenance, and worry-free performance.  Built with quality corrosion-resistant components, the PAK has the potential to last the life cycle of the truck when properly installed and maintained. This offers a huge cost savings per vehicle for a fleet, easily making it the best ROI for any back-of-cab system.

Key features of the premium PAK that save time and money include our revolutionary and innovative QCP™ (Quick-Change Plugs) with a new trailer side cable guard and extended lead length, quality rubber air lines with factory-installed anodized gladhands, and two 25” QWIK-CHANGE™ Tracker Spring Kits with QWIK-CLAMP™ for proper 3-IN-1 cable support.  Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of these components for any fleet’s operation. 

ABS LECTRAFLEX 7-way with QCP™ (Quick-Change Plug)

The 7-way QCP™ (Quick-Change Plug) is a 2-minute serviceable assembly with corrosion-inhibiting components that extend the life of the cable and reduce downtime.  The nylon plug insert is easily removed and replaced at the first signs of corrosion or pin degradation, much like a razor’s cartridge.  With the QCP™, there is no rewiring, no shrinking cable lengths, and no need to remove the spiral wrap to disassemble the 3-IN-1. The QCP™ plug is sealed from the inside out.  The inner molded PVC plug keeps moisture from intruding at the back of the plug.  The unbreakable, non-corrosive outer SAE J560 plug housing offers further protection from the outside elements.  The trailer side cable has also been lengthened and fitted with a cable guard to provide additional support and strain relief at major stress points.

Rubber Air Lines with Factory-Installed Anodized Gladhands

The durable heavy-duty color-coded red and blue hoses for easy identification offer excellent performance in the toughest conditions.  The large rubber handle grips offer ergonomic trailer side coupling and uncoupling in addition to easing tension during tight turns where the gladhands and air lines connect.  The factory-installed anodized gladhands with stainless steel detent plate prevent corrosion, preserving the air connection in the harshest weather conditions. 

QWIK-CHANGE™ Tracker Spring Kits with QWIK-CLAMP™

Our QWIK-CHANGE™ Tracker Spring Kits with QWIK-CLAMP™ combine the technology of the QWIK-CLAMP™ with the strength and durability of an extra heavy-duty tender spring to create an all-in-one, quick, and easy-to-install cable support system for extra heavy-duty applications such as 3-IN-1s.  The 25” springs, constructed of heavy gauge pre-galvanized wire, offer better recoil memory and longer spring life.  Each kit is easily installed on the back of the cab with a large and durable carabiner clip, and the QWIK-CLAMP™ allows for quick cable installation and adjustments in seconds without the use of tools.

For over 90 years, Phillips Industries® has been the leading developer and manufacturer of electrical and air brake system components for commercial trucks and trailers. The company supplies virtually every major tractor and trailer manufacturer in the U.S., making Phillips products a standard in nearly all Class 8 trucks. More than half of all trailers manufactured in North America are fitted with at least one part from Phillips. Driven by its passion for making "products that make a difference" to customers in every corner of the world, Phillips works closely with freight carriers to develop components and systems that work better and last longer than the competition.


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