Since 1951, Stemco has been a leading supplier of high performance, precision engineered brake, suspension and wheel parts and components to the commercial vehicle marketplace. This world-class manufacturer focuses on increased performance, safety, fuel efficiency and ROI in every product they make. We’re pleased to offer a large inventory of Stemco components and parts to our customers.

Stemco Brake Parts and Assemblies

Factory original Stemco brake components include everything that’s needed to keep critical truck brakes in top condition and safe. The company manufactures brake drums, rotors, hub and drum assemblies. We have their high performance brake drums in various sizes. In addition, you’ll find parts like hub seals, hub cap plugs, drive wheel sets, oil and pinion seals, deflector rings, wheel chocks and wear shims, wheel seals, air disc pads, spindle nuts, locknuts and mounting brackets.

Stemco Motor and Radiator Mounts

For engine rebuilds, we carry the company’s motor mounts and radiator mounts. There are also motor mount kits. Stemco’s engineered polyurethane, the key material for their mounts, bushings, torque rods, engine supports and other components, enhances damping and vibration absorption properties, providing greater durability and performance than rubber, whether it’s used for passenger vehicle, freight or industry suspension systems. The material resists oil, chemicals, grease, ozone and ultraviolet rays, and it reduces maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.

Suspension and Steering Components from Stemco

Our Stemco suspension and steering parts include shock absorber bushings in various sizes, shock absorber bumpers, king pin kits and bushing kits. We have spring pin, sway bar, equalizer and stabilizer bushings. You’ll also find a large variety of air springs, spring mounts and spring pads.

Stemco Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Accessories

We round out the Stemco product offering with wheel accessories such as axle tools and hub tools.

At FinditTools, our high-quality Stemco parts are only a small portion of more than 9 million heavy duty truck parts in our inventory!