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Stemco is best known for its seals, bearings, and hubcaps. Stemco first entered the production of pieces, parts, and hardware for commercial use in 1951 intending to create advanced engineering solutions for everyday problems. Through several decades of research and development and countless products sold, the company has achieved just that.

Today, Stemco produces a decent variety of products ranging from air conditioning and heating products to truck accessories. That being said, no amount of versatility in production can ever replace the renown of Stemco's seals, bearings, and hubcaps.

Stemco is considered one of the top-tier manufacturers in each of those three categories, a reputation that has emboldened the company to branch out into new and different product categories. After years of rigorous research and design and routine product testing, the Stemco brand has managed to gain sizable support for its brake products, suspension products, and tire and milage products as well.

Many of Stemco's products also bear the mark of Stemco's trademarked High-Performance Products, which are the company's premier items. High-Performance Products include only the company's flagship models for each product category and other top-of-the-line products.

Whether you're looking to buy one of Stemco's world-renowned wheel-end components or something to help with your engine rebuild, Stemco might have something you can use.