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Stemco Automatic Tire Inflation System Replacement Hose

Another Stemco innovative solution, the Stemco automatic tire inflation system replacement hose is designed to restore your Aeris ATIS's excellent performance to ensure your vehicle tires are properly inflated all the time. It comes with an easily accessible fill and pressure check port, so you don’t have to disconnect the existing hose to check the tire pressure and risk O-ring damage.

Features & Benefits

  • A high-quality Aeris® replacement hose that’s built to last for years
  • Allows you to maximize the use of your Stemco ATIS
  • Meticulously tested to ensure its resistance to cuts and heat
  • Engineered with maximum efficiency in mind
  • Durably made to outperform the competition

Product Description


STEMCO 831-0520 Cross Reference

We have 2 alternatives for the 831-0520 by STEMCO:

STEMCO® is a recognized global leader in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive line of high-performance systems and components to the commercial vehicle industry. Its wide range of products includes wheel-end components, such as fasteners, hubcaps, bearings, seals, and mileage counters, and brake parts, which include brake drums, brake pads, and adjusters. It also offers suspension products like spring pins, king pin kits, polyurethane suspensions, tie rod assemblies, and mount and blocking components. All these products are made to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure superior performance and maximum durability even when used in the harshest of conditions. STEMCO is ISO-9001:2015 certified.

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