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BENDIX Best Sellers

In the commercial vehicle industry, you always need to think about the risk/reward ratio. And an accident due to insufficient braking power, poor visibility or driver distress will cost your company far more than you could ever gain by using inferior parts. Since 1924, Bendix parts have been trusted to help drivers get to their destination safely. Everyone makes a big deal about arriving fast, but Bendix knows that arriving in one piece is more important. This Ohio-based company is always developing new methods to keep the commercial trucks, trailers, buses and tractors of North America safe and comfortable.

Our Bendix parts catalog includes all of their best components at competitive prices. The Bendix Brakes brand is known throughout the world for their quality and reliability. FinditParts has thousands of their parts for stopping in a hurry. Get Bendix calipers, shoes, pads, hoses and other components for simple brake jobs or master cylinders and bearings for an overhaul. Whether your vehicle uses air, disc, drum or hydraulic brakes, there’s a Bendix braking system that out-stops the competition. And on trucks and trailers loaded to the grills, you need all the stopping power you can get. Their brakes are used on many personal and motor racing vehicles as well as commercial rigs!

Bendix also knows that having the most powerful brakes in the world does you no good unless you can get that stopping power to the wheels. Their braking hardware will do the job every time you have to suddenly stop for a vehicle, obstacle or stray animal. Accessories include air brake dryers for removing humidity and impurities, brake springs for installations, relay valves for traction control systems and fan valves for cooling the brakes. And they make a few cool parts as well like air horns for foggy days and nights. Give us a call and our customer service team will help you put on the brakes with Bendix!