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About Bendix

In the commercial vehicle industry, you always need to think about the risk/reward ratio. And an accident due to insufficient braking power, poor visibility, or driver distress will cost your company far more than you could ever gain by using inferior parts. That is why when it comes to replacement components concerning all these areas, you must go only for a trusted brand, and that is Bendix. A member of Knorr-Bremse, a global leader for braking systems, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is a developer and supplier of improved safety solutions, air brake charging, and control systems and components for commercial vehicles and medium to heavy duty trucks, trailers, tractors, and buses throughout North America. It is a pioneer in the industry with its main headquarters in Elyria, Ohio and manufacturing plants in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Mexico. It is committed to providing only the highest-quality air brakes, actuators, slack adjusters, and other components for the commercial vehicle industry. That is why all Bendix products are manufactured by focusing on the entire system and not just on the part to ensure maximum performance and reliability. These are also engineered to meet precise, sophisticated engineering and service requirements globally.

Reliability - Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, Bendix parts are designed to meet excellent quality standards in all areas and processes.

Complete Range - Bendix offers a full range of air brake systems and components for various truck makes and models.

Exceptional Value - High-quality products at the most competitive prices that exceed customer expectations.

Exact Fit - Bendix products are manufactured to meet OE standards to ensure they fit just like the original parts.

Bendix Parts

Since 1924, Bendix parts have been trusted to help drivers get to their destination safely. Everyone makes a big deal about arriving fast, but Bendix knows that arriving in one piece is more important. This Ohio-based company continually innovates its products and introduces new solutions to keep the commercial trucks, trailers, buses, and tractors in North America safe and comfortable. Here are some of the products that are included in its growing portfolio:

Bendix ABS/Stability

When a truck loses control and rolls over, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is that the rollover event is due to a malfunctioning anti-lock braking system component. This is highly likely since the main purpose of the ABS is to allow the driver to have directional control over the vehicle after heavy braking. When any of its components get damaged, it can lead to loss of control and rollover incidents. Among the most notable products under this product line are the Bendix ABS Modulator and the Bendix® ESP® Full Stability System. The Bendix ABS modulator is a high-capacity, on/off air valve that uses a pair of electrical solenoids for control. Just like other modulator valves, this product from Bendix may also be used for various purposes on your vehicle, including ABS and stability interventions. The Bendix® ESP® Full Stability System, on the other hand, is designed specifically to help prevent rollovers and loss-of-control situations. It uses the ESP technology, which offers both roll and yaw stability to help provide loss of control and rollover mitigation. Considered as the first widely available ABS-bases truck stability system, the Bendix® ESP® recognizes and assists in oversteer and under-steer loss-of-control driving incidents as well as in loss of traction events due to ice, snow, rain, sand, dust, and more.

Bendix 4WD Actuator

Bendix offers a wide range of actuators to keep your fleet on the road longer; one of which is the Bendix 4wd actuator. A 4x4 actuator is a device that’s used to convert the compressed air force within the truck’s air reservoir into a mechanical force, which then activates the brakes. When this fails, the air brakes will not perform effectively or, worse, not function. Bendix has got the best options available for spring brake actuators, and these include the Bendix® EnduraSure™ Spring Brake Series and the Bendix® EnduraSure™-Pro Spring Brake Series. The EnduraSure™ spring brakes are manufactured to deliver greater durability, performance, and up to 3X the power spring life of competing units. They are the lightest weight chamber in their class and come with a 4-year warranty. However, for fleets operating in severe applications, the EnduraSure™-Pro spring brakes are the better option. These sealed spring brakes are the new premium in spring brakes with an integrated check valve that keeps contaminants away from the chamber. They perform up to 5.5X better than competing non-sealed brakes and up to 1.5X better than the closest competitor in durability testing.

Bendix Air Disc Brakes for Tractors and Trailers

Fully loaded tractor-trailers cruising at highway speeds require optimum stopping power, and the Bendix air disc brakes can very much provide this and more. These products are engineered to consistently deliver that superior braking performance you’d come to expect from the Bendix brand. And unlike the drum brakes, these ADBs do not suffer from a “fade” in stopping power even when used repeatedly. One of the most popular air disc brake options from Bendix is the ADB22X®-LT. This product offers not only improved safety and maximum braking power but also shorter stopping distances. And since it has a longer service interval and quicker maintenance, it is the preferred choice by many fleet owners and commercial vehicle operators.

Bendix Air Dryer

Designed with fleets in mind, the Bendix air dryer is the ultimate solution you need for clean, dry air lines to help keep your vehicles on the road longer. This air brake dryer, which is usually located between the reservoirs and the compressor, works by collecting and removing solid, liquid, and vapor contaminants before they enter the air brake system and affect its overall operation. Because of this crucial function, it must be kept in good operating condition at all times. Now, when it’s time to replace the air brake dryer cartridge, Bendix has got your back as well. The Bendix air dryer cartridge is designed to meet your specific needs. You see, the most important element of an air dryer cartridge is the desiccant. And not all desiccant is created equal. Bendix can help you find the best replacement air brake dryer cartridge for your vehicle specifications.

Bendix Inversion Valve

The most popular air brake inversion valve options being offered by Bendix are the Bendix TR-2™ & TR-3™ inversion valves. These valves are normally open, pilot-operated, inverting, on-off, two-way valves with four basic ports: supply port, delivery port, control port, and exhaust port. The Bendix inversion valve is often used in emergency or parking brake systems, but it can also be used in interlocking and sequencing applications, where the operation of components must take place in a specific order.

Bendix Compressor

Bendix has been leading the way in air charging system manufacturing since 1924. So, it’s no wonder why its comprehensive line of air brake compressors is among the most sought after in the market today. The air brake compressor from Bendix is engineered and built for better performance and lasts longer than the competing units. Aside from brand-new compressors, Bendix also offers a complete line of remanufactured Genuine Bendix compressors and the All Makes brand of compressors for non-Bendix OE applications for heavy vehicle engines.

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