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The Backbone of America: Celebrating Our Supply Chain Team on National Supply Chain Day

by Findit Parts on April 28, 2024

As we celebrate National Supply Chain Day, we acknowledge the critical role technology and a skilled team play in our success. The insights from John Conte highlight our commitment to innovation and efficiency. read more

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Steering Through Now: Navigating the Present in Business and Life

by David Seewack on April 8, 2024

We all face family challenges, work pressures, and financial worries. Living in the moment is not just a personal mantra; it's a leadership strategy. read more

Category: Efficient Practices, entrepreneurship, trucking industry

Boosting Trucking Fuel Efficiency: Strategies to Lower Fuel Expenses and Operational Costs

by David Seewack on November 21, 2023

The trucking industry stands as the vital backbone of commerce, navigating through the challenges of escalating fuel costs and environmental responsibilities. This guide delves into practical tips and strategies designed for truckers and fleets to enhance efficiency and manage fuel expenses. read more

Category: Efficient Practices, Logistics, sustainability, Transportation, Trucking

The Dawn of a New Era in Heavy-Duty Parts Marketing: FinditParts and The Heavy Duty Parts Report

by David Seewack on June 12, 2023

By combining the strengths of FinditParts and The Heavy Duty Parts Report, we're creating a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to shift from traditional marketing practices to modern, data-driven strategies that yield proven results read more

Category: Efficient Practices, Marketing

The Importance of Training Parts Personnel

by David Seewack on February 9, 2023

Up-to-date skills drive up shop productivity, keep labor and parts costs in check, and hold downtime for service to a minimum. read more

Category: Efficient Practices, General

Integrating Fleet Management and Supplier Systems

by David Seewack on January 19, 2023

What integrated solutions also bring to the table is supplier expertise, not only for ensuring effective vehicle maintenance and repairs but especially for having the right parts on hand to keep service operations going. read more

Category: Data, E-commerce, Efficient Practices, Truck Parts and Systems

Getting Ahead of Seasonal Maintenance and Parts Needs

by David Seewack on January 16, 2023

Whether you’re heading into warmer or colder times of the year, getting ahead of weather-related problems goes a long way toward ensuring uptime and keeping breakdown cost off your balance sheet. read more

Category: Efficient Practices, Tips and Tricks, Truck Repair

Managing Parts Needs During Mobile Maintenance Events

by David Seewack on January 12, 2023

The drive to ensure and improve asset availability is increasingly leading to growth in both company-operated and outsourced mobile service operations. read more

Category: Efficient Practices, Tips and Tricks, Truck Repair

What Service Data Can Tell You About Parts Performance

by David Seewack on January 9, 2023

Working with your parts provider you can find ways to improve the productivity of your vehicle maintenance and repair operations, and lower costs. The only real challenge is knowing what data you need by asking the right questions. read more

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