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Expanding your horizons: Sell more truck parts using e-commerce

by David Seewack on August 13, 2020

This article first appeared in TPS on August 06, 2020. READ THE ORIGINAL THERE. The heavy-duty truck parts industry slowly has been warming up to e-commerce. It wasn’t long ago that parts providers feared Amazon was coming to siphon off sales and crash the business. Others in the industry felt ... read more

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How To Deal With Being Away From Home

by Ashley Thompson on June 7, 2018

Extended time away from home is a primary concern for a lot of truckers - it means long stretches of time away from loved ones, and a sudden shift in the lives of your family's day to day routine. For both parties, the one on the road and the one ... read more

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What Do You Look For In A Trucking Company?

by Ashley Thompson on May 24, 2018

You've decided to jump into trucking, and have your CDL all set to go. You're ready to start earning, and are eager to hit the road. There's just one question left to answer: what trucking company will you work for? When looking at trucking companies and comparing their businesses and ... read more

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America's Best Truck Stops For Truckers

by Ashley Thompson on April 26, 2018

As any seasoned highway hero will tell you, not all truck stops are created equal. While many will suffice for pit stop purposes, there are a few with amenities that make it feel like a little home away from home. Whether it's extra attractions like a museum or casino, or ... read more

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