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The Secret Advantage Parts Pros At Truck Dealers Are Raving About For Outside Purchases

by David Seewack on July 17, 2023

​​In the world of heavy-duty parts, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are paramount. At the core of the industry lies a crucial mission - to keep trucks on the road and our society running smoothly. But to thrive in this demanding arena, access to a robust supply of parts is needed. This is where America's largest interconnected truck parts supply chain comes into play. read more

Category: E-commerce, Improving Productivity, Inventory Management, Supply Chain

Turbocharge Your Parts Hunt: FinditParts Empowers Parts Pros with Lightning-Fast Search and Access

by David Seewack on May 5, 2023

With FinditParts you get access to the nation's largest interconnected supply chain giving you lighting-fast access to OEM and aftermarket parts. We geographically located the closet part so you can rest assured that it will receive it as soon as possible. read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, Tips and Tricks

Perfect Match: VMI and E-Commerce Parts Programs

by David Seewack on February 2, 2023

Fleets, dealers, leasing companies, and independent service providers all need to continually weigh their planned and projected upcoming needs against the capital expense required to keep parts shelves stocked. read more

Category: E-commerce, Inventory Management, Tips and Tricks

Integrating Fleet Management and Supplier Systems

by David Seewack on January 19, 2023

What integrated solutions also bring to the table is supplier expertise, not only for ensuring effective vehicle maintenance and repairs but especially for having the right parts on hand to keep service operations going. read more

Category: Data, E-commerce, Efficient Practices, Truck Parts and Systems

The Growing Trend to Predictive Maintenance

by David Seewack on December 26, 2022

The path to predictive maintenance is one that the trucking industry has been on for some time. Predictive maintenance models begin with a proactive approach that uses data to offset failures with more effective service. read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain

Focusing On the Unique Needs of Industry Segments with An All-Inclusive E-Commerce Approach

by David Seewack on December 14, 2022

One of the biggest impacts in recent years has resulted from what’s called “omni-channel sales” whereby retailers and wholesalers offer goods through multiple sources. That has also led to steady growth in last mile or final mile deliveries to residential consumers and  businesses. read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain

How Data-Driven Analyses Drive Up Productivity and Lower Parts Costs

by David Seewack on December 12, 2022

Data is essential for effectively managing parts inventories as well. Today, with supply chain and production challenges impacting parts availability, it can be especially essential. read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain

Effective Inventory Management Practices are the Key to Controlling Administrative Costs

by David Seewack on December 7, 2022

It’s natural to focus on the obvious and when it comes to truck maintenance and repair, fleets often zero in on things like parts and labor expenses for vehicles and service activities. What they may be overlooking, however, is that actual service and repair processes are only part of their ... read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain

How Barcodes Help with Inventory Management

by David Seewack on December 5, 2022

They’re so common we hardly notice them. Bar code labels are on everything we buy. They facilitate sales at all types of businesses. They streamline the handling of vast amounts of information. And they can just as easily have the same impact in commercial vehicle service and repair operations for ... read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain

Embracing E-commerce Technology as a Competitive Advantage

by David Seewack on December 1, 2022

With the North American economy experiencing record inflation and ongoing pandemic-driven supply chain issues limiting availability of parts for commercial vehicles, fleets and service providers are facing sourcing challenges as well as rising costs. At the same time, as fleets face delays in production of new and replacement vehicles they ... read more

Category: E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain