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BALDWIN Best Sellers

FinditParts is a proud Baldwin Filters online distributor. For more than 50 years, Baldwin Filters has designed innovative filters for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks that meet or exceed OEM specifications. More than just an assembler, Baldwin utilizes a vertically integrated manufacturing process in the production of filters and filter components, which maximizes quality control and product consistency.

The Baldwin Filters product line includes heavy duty truck filters like lube filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, coolant filters and cabin air filters, which are becoming more prominent in heavy-duty highway applications. The company also offers the DAHL system, consisting of functional dual-chamber 3-stage diesel fuel filter/water separators that improve upon the performance of standard fuel filters.

Since J.A. Baldwin designed the cartridge lube filter that started the company back in 1936, Baldwin Filters have continually looked for ways to improve its products and vehicle performance. Through the use of such advanced technology as 3-D CAD modeling and stereo lithographic prototyping, the Baldwin engineering group has devised such patented solutions as Radial Seal air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators and controlled release coolant products.

From one manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, Baldwin Filters now operates manufacturing and distribution centers in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Belgium, China, Morocco, Australia and South Africa. The company headquarters and main manufacturing plant is located in Kearney, Nebraska. FinditParts stands out as a leader among Baldwin Filters distributors. Browse our Baldwin Filters online catalog to find the parts you need for your vehicles or customers.