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ZERO START Best Sellers

Zerostart is the name to trust when it comes to cold-weather starting, emissions control, and comfortable and convenient driving. A brand of Phillips & Temro Industries, Zerostart traces back its roots in 1920 when James B. Carter started his manufacturing business in Canada. Winters in Canada can be freezing, so Carter expanded his product line-up to include heating products. Twenty-five years later, he acquired the Phillips Manufacturing Company and added new products to its line-up, such as engine heaters. He, then, registered these Phillips products under the Zerostart brand name. 

Zerostart continues to be the brand of choice for truck owners who are looking for reliable cold-weather heating solutions. From heaters, such as oil pan heaters, circulation heaters, engine heater, and battery heater, to mufflers and other replacement parts and accessories, including cord, cable, and plug, Zerostart has got you covered. If you're after reliable engine starting all year long, the Zerostart circulation heater is your best bet. It is designed primarily to ensure warmed coolant circulates through your vehicle's engine. And since it features rugged cast aluminum construction, you can rest easy that it won't corrode easily, and it would be highly resistant to impact. 

When you notice any signs of wear and tear on your heater's components or if you need new heater accessories, Zerostart also provides these products. The brand continually strives to meet its customers' needs, so it develops new solutions to keep their vehicles performing at top levels, even in challenging weather conditions. 

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