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Fleet managers have to keep their commercial trucks serviceable. It is because no matter how taxing their job is for the day, medium and heavy duty trucks need always to deliver. Unreliable fleet due to poor maintenance causes downtime for your business, letting customers down and costing you big bucks in repair. When it's time to replace your truck's clutch and any of its transmission, steering, suspension, or engine components, you should trust no other brand than LuK.  

Founded by brothers George and Wilhelm Schaeffler in 1965, LuK initially manufactured diaphragm spring clutches with a release system. In 1999, it became an integral part of the Schaeffler Group, a globally known supplier of chassis, engine, and transmission components for automotive and industrial applications. Since its incorporation to the Schaeffler Group, LuK has become one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of highest-quality power steering pumps, clutches, self-adjusting clutches, dual-mass flywheels, and engine components. Most of the trucks and vehicles running on the road today are equipped with a LuK clutch.

LuK is known for meeting the industry's highest quality standards for its products. The famous LuK clutch discs, for one, not only fulfill the truck's technical requirements but also meet today's environmental standards. These components offer remarkable wear resistance, smooth torque buildup, as well as constant coefficient of friction. These LuK products are renowned for their hardwearing and environment-friendly friction linings as well as maximum cushion deflection.     

Good news! FinditParts offers a vast assortment of premium-quality LuK clutches and other Luk truck parts, such as seal kits, hydraulic pumps, power steering pumps, clutch flywheels, and many more. Order from us today and jumpstart your goals of making your trucks ready to whatever their job demands.

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