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If you've ever come across the phrase "OG" in the transportation industry, the person who said it was quite likely referring to "original Gabriel." Gabriel is a manufacturer with a history that dates back more than 100 years, making original Gabriel parts some of the hardest-to-find in the industry. That being said, given how far the company has grown in the past 11-plus decades, new Gabriel parts are still just as in-demand as original Gabriel parts.

Gabriel was founded in 1907 after inventing the first-ever automotive shock absorber. The company's rapid innovation continued with the invention of the first-ever hydraulic shock absorber, the first-ever adjustable shock absorber, and the first-ever air adjustable shock absorber. These inventions would go on to forge the company's identity and inform its reputation as one of the preeminent producers of shock absorbing technology for decades to come.

Today, Gabriel produces shock absorbers for more than 97% of all vehicles in the United States in both the aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) categories. Whether you're looking for pieces, parts, and hardware in light-, medium-, or heavy-duty trucking, Gabriel has something that you can use.

We at FindItParts carry nearly 300 Gabriel parts, including new designs as well as the products based on the famous original Gabriel parts of the early 1900s. After decades of innovation, Gabriel continues to be one of the go-to brands for countless truckers across not only the United States but also all of North America.