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About Euclid

For over 75 years, Euclid has been a trusted brand by customers looking for high-quality aftermarket parts. It was previously known as Euclid Industries, a leading supplier of automotive parts to the heavy duty truck aftermarket. Its headquarters was near Cleveland, Ohio, and it had revenues of over $100 million.

In 1998, Meritor—a Michigan-based company that served light vehicle, commercial truck, trailer and specialty original equipment manufacturers, and related aftermarkets—acquired Euclid Industries. This acquisition aimed to expand the company’s product coverage and bolster its aftermarket business. Over the years, with the addition of Euclid parts to its product portfolio, Meritor was able to strengthen its position in the global automotive original equipment and aftermarket segments.

Today, Euclid remains the most trusted name in aftermarket truck parts. Its wide range of products is manufactured to meet the highest standards and rigorously tested for performance to ensure it lives up to its name. And just like other Meritor products, all Euclid parts are built to deliver a proven level of quality, performance, and value.

Euclid Parts

Euclid parts are widely available to help fleet owners or operators in keeping their vehicles in good running condition. Whether you need high-quality brake components, front axle, clutch, wheel-end components, or suspension parts, Euclid has got you covered. Its wide selection of fleet vehicle maintenance components are guaranteed to fit and work just like their original counterparts and are built to last longer in service.


Since trucks and commercial vehicles are used to transport heavy cargo load, they require reliable, high-performing, and efficient air braking systems. The air brakes are highly critical in their operations since the driver’s foot alone is not enough to put a loaded truck to a stop. They need a heavier braking effort, so they rely on air-powered brakes to keep the drivers and other road users safe.

The air brakes, however, will not function properly if they have one or more malfunctioning components. Good thing, Euclid has got the right brake parts to keep your truck safe, reliable, and stay on the road longer. These parts are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure their performance is at par with the original brake components that came with your vehicle.

Some of the brake parts that Euclid offers are the automatic and the manual slack adjusters. The manual and the automatic slack adjusters perform the same function and that is to adjust the braking-induced wear of brake drums and ensure a constant clearance between the brake shoes and the brake drum. The only difference is that the automatic brake adjuster does not require periodic manual adjustments, so it is fast becoming the industry standard today because it offers a more reliable and consistent operation.

When you decide to go for automatic slack adjusters for your fleet, be sure to get the Euclid brand. Euclid manual and automatic slack adjusters are performance-tested and made tough to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Find a complete list of brake parts from this brand below:

  • Air drum brake components and kits
  • Camshafts
  • Brake and camshaft repair kits
  • Chambers
  • Fras-le® friction material
  • Fras-le new lined brake shoes
  • Fras-le relined brake shoes
  • Hydraulic disc brake pads

Front Axle

Responsible mainly for assisting with steering and processing shocks from uneven road surfaces, the front axle is another crucial part of your truck. Euclid offers a wide range of products under this product line, and this includes the following:

Drag links - Commonly found on trucks and commercial vehicles, these components are used to link the steering gear box to the tie rod ends. They transfer the rotating motion from the gearbox to the wheels so that the driver can steer the vehicle. When you notice abnormal tire wear, steering wheel play or vibration, and steering drifts to the left or right, then it’s time you get new Euclid drag links.

King pin kits - To safely connect the axle to the wheel, Euclid offers king pin kits. These kits already contain all the safety-relevant components and hardware you need for a complete installation.

Tie rod ends - Euclid tie rod ends are made to exacting standards for a precise fit and function. They are crucial steering components, so they are engineered to meet the highest levels of quality to ensure safety, reliability, and performance.


Euclid has got a vast selection of suspension components you can rely on. So when one of your suspension parts needs replacing, you need not look far to find the exact item you need. Euclid manufactures each suspension component using premium-quality materials to ensure maximum durability. It is also rigorously tested and thoroughly inspected for guaranteed performance and reliability even when used under extreme conditions.

A popular Euclid suspension product, the shock absorber is one of the parts responsible for achieving a smooth and comfortable ride. When it wears out, the vehicle’s ride and comfort are compromised. Good thing, Euclid has got you covered with thousands of suspension components including:

  • Shocks
  • Air springs
  • Bushing kits
  • Torque arms
  • Equalizer, beams, and hangers
  • Axle attaching parts
  • Torque rods
  • U-bolts and other hardware

Wheel End

Euclid offers a comprehensive range of wheel-end solutions and other wheel-end products. So when any of your hub caps need replacement, this brand has got what you need and more. All these products are manufactured in its state-of-the-art facility to ensure they meet even the most stringent quality requirements.

Other wheel end products from this brand are:

  • Cast brake drums
  • Hydraulic disc brake rotors and calipers
  • Seals and bearings
  • STEELite™ X30™ brake drums
  • Hubs
  • Spindle nuts


Whether you need a manual or self-adjusting clutch, Euclid has got the replacement clutch you need. All clutches and components from this brand are made by engineering experts using only the latest in technology for proven performance and efficiency. Rigorous tests are also conducted to ensure only the finest products come out of the assembly line.

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