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Understanding Mud Guards: Why They Make a Great Addition to Your Truck

by Phoebe Trilles on August 5, 2021

Mud guards may have nothing to do with your truck's movement. But they play a crucial role when driving on a rocky or muddy road and during harsh weather conditions. Not only can they extend the life of your truck, but they can also directly affect your driving experience. That ... read more

Category: Truck Parts and Systems

Tips on Buying Truck or Trailer Leaf Springs

by Alvin Ybañez on August 2, 2021

Image Source: Leaf springs have been a constant part of modern trucks and trailers since their inception, and for a good reason. Consisting of several arc-shaped strips or “leaves'' of spring steel, leaf springs provide springing and damping action as well as serve as additional linkage to the axle. ... read more

Category: Tips and Tricks

Common Signs of a Failing Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission

by Lyn Leoncito on July 29, 2021

Whether you are a truck driver, a fleet manager, or an operator of a delivery truck business, truck maintenance is a routine fact of your life. No matter how durable you think your trucks are, you can’t expect them to last forever. Delivery trucks and commercial vehicles are in a ... read more

Category: Truck Repair

Top 5 Qualities of A Great Truck Driver

by Phoebe Trilles on July 26, 2021

Image Source: A trucker’s job is to transport goods—such as foods, medical supplies, livestock, clothing, paper products, and more—from one place to another using a heavy-duty truck or a tractor-trailer. It may look like a simple job for some. But, it is actually a very challenging one, and it ... read more

Category: Trucking Stories

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Aftermarket Parts for Truck Repairs

by Alvin Ybañez on July 22, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay One of the questions that often pop up whether you’re in the maintenance bay or at the rest stop is this: OEM or aftermarket? In many cases, OEM starts out with the upper hand as it is often what truck manufacturers and insurance companies prefer. And there’s ... read more

Category: Truck Repair

Gas Shortage: Its Causes and Impact on Truckers' Lives

by Lyn Leoncito on July 20, 2021

Image Source: Pixabay What do you think will happen when you combine a cyberattack on the biggest fuel supplier for the East Coast, shortage of truckers, pandemic, and an increase in the number of vehicles heading out for summer vacation? In many parts of the United States, these factors make ... read more

Category: Trucking Stories

Upgrade your Commercial Vehicle with Functional Features

by Phoebe Trilles on July 15, 2021

Upgrade your Commercial Vehicle with Functional Features When people think of a working vehicle, a commercial vehicle usually comes to mind. That’s why truck manufacturers make sure their vehicles are built with efficiency and high performance in mind and are made tough to stay on the road longer. From the ... read more

Category: Tips and Tricks

SAVE-A-LOAD: The Maker of The Ultimate Hydraulic Cargo Bar

by Lyn Leoncito on July 12, 2021

Fleet operators and transport truck drivers must always prioritize safety. Their second concern should be getting the cargo delivered to its destination unscathed. Cargo bars will give you the best of both worlds. Also called load bars, the cargo bars have been used by pickup and semi-truck drivers to secure ... read more

Category: Product Guides

10 Tips to Keep Your Truck Clean

by Alvin Ybañez on July 8, 2021

Image Source: unsplash Truckers spend so much time in their rigs that they are now practically their second home. And just like any home, your truck needs a bit of TLC every now and then. From food wrappers to dust, the truck interior can get dirty real quick. Over time, ... read more

Category: Tips and Tricks

NEOTEK: The World Leader in Brake Drums and Rotors for the OES and US Aftermarket

by Lyn Leoncito on July 5, 2021

If it is a “do it once, do it right” result you want to achieve, get the job done with Neotek. This industry leader in the production and distribution of brake drums and rotors always puts quality first. Since Neotek’s establishment in 1983, this Tennessee-based brake parts manufacturer has been ... read more

Category: Product Guides