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Kysor, short for Kysor Warren, is an industry-leading manufacturer of refrigeration systems. Kysor manufactures these systems for a wide variety of applications, though it has become best known in the transportation industry for its products in the category of air conditioning and heating.

Kysor Warren Refrigeration was founded in 1882 with the mission of providing high-quality refrigeration alternatives to supermarkets, grocery stores, and other retailers. This mission is one that the company has kept at the core of its development throughout the decades that it has been in business. After partnering with Sherer Brothers Company, Kysor Warren went on to become the first company ever to patent refrigeration counters featuring glass panels designed to exhibit merchandise.

Although this company primarily services brick-and-mortar business requirements, many of the products that it manufactures are the same as those that are used in various heavy-duty trucking applications. That means that there are a wide variety of Kysor products that can help maintain, repair, or upgrade the refrigeration system currently in use on most trucks.

A few of the more notable products that Kysor manufactures are clutch linings, such as the 1033-09340-01, which is intended for use in K26 models. These products — and the others in Kysor's product catalog — have enabled the brand to rise to international success among truckers, repairpeople, and technicians the world over.

When it comes to pieces, parts, and hardware for use in refrigeration systems, Kysor Warren is a household name.