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DORMAN Brake Caliper Bolt Socket

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hex socket - 3/8 in | hex socket - 3/8 in (more info...) hex socket - 3/8 in | hex socket - 3/8 in
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Brake Caliper Bolt Socket
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About Dorman

Since its inception in 1918, Dorman has been providing the automotive and truck aftermarket with thousands of parts and components. Dorman has long been a pioneering problem solver, supplying even those products that customers back then can only buy from OEMs. With continuous innovation, Dorman is constantly growing. It currently has 80,000 products in stock, and the list continues to expand year after year. With several manufacturing facilities operating at the highest standards and strategically located across the United States, Dorman assures its customers with solutions that deliver incomparable quality. Another factor that sets Dorman apart from the competition is its “customer-first” approach. Everything it does—from designing the products to meticulously testing them—is focused on offering customer value in the quality and creativity of its solutions.

Quality - Using the latest procedures and techniques when developing products to ensure quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Innovation - Relentlessly develop and deliver new ways to solve vehicle owners’ repair problems.

Comprehensive Selection - From air suspension products to undercar solutions, Dorman has got you covered.

Customer First - Creating aftermarket parts that not only reduce repair time but also help drivers save money.

Dorman Parts

Dorman parts are designed to improve your repair experience. These are direct replacements for failure-prone components, allowing you to replace the damaged parts and not the entire assembly. Some Dorman products are even offered pre-assembled to save time during installation. This brand is also constantly releasing new replacement parts to the automotive and truck aftermarket. Using reverse engineering, these Dorman parts replicate the original and ensure a precise fit and outstanding performance. Dorman also makes sure its products are rigorously tested before they roll out of the manufacturing facility. Depending on the part, it may be subjected to some or all of these tests: tensile strength and hardness tests in Dorman’s material lab, corrosion testing in the salt fog test station, hydrostatic burst testing, performance testing under extreme temperatures, and many processes of life-cycle testing.

Dorman Air Suspension

Many cars and trucks on the road today are equipped with air suspension systems to ensure better handling, higher load capacity, and improved aerodynamics, which enhances fuel efficiency. In systems as efficient and as useful as this, a bad component may cause an expensive trip to a mechanic. Dorman addresses this issue by offering a comprehensive Active Suspension product line composed of 100% new parts.

Dorman air suspension compressors

These compressors are built with 100% new parts and are offered with complete accessories for hassle-free installation. They are fitted with the Dorman exclusive OE FIX technology with thermal protection software to avoid motor burnout. These compressors also come with a weather-resistant connector and membrane to address common O.E. failures. The accessories commonly included in a Dorman air suspension compressor package are dryer, all necessary brackets, air filter boxes, and a sound isolation shield.

Dorman air shocks, struts, and springs

Dorman also supplies the industry with a plethora of new aftermarket air springs, air shocks, and air struts. These suspension components have undergone meticulous life-cycle testing, which includes more than 2 million cycles at -40°F and 135°F temperature ranges.

Dorman delete kits

When you need a complete conversion kit, Dorman has solutions that match every budget and need. Its full kits comprise 4-corner tuned ride delete kits at every vehicle corner designed to work seamlessly with one another to deliver improved ride and precise handling. This brand also carries value kits for the rear or front-only, allowing you to swap out just the damaged air components. All the springs in these kits are manufactured in the USA, ensuring customers of quality craftsmanship.

Dorman magnetic ride shock absorbers

Dorman takes pride in being the first manufacturer to provide a reasonably priced replacement alternative for magnetic shock absorbers. Dorman’s magnetic shocks are designed by experts to bring suspension and ride quality back to original specifications. These magnetic shock absorbers can easily be installed without a need for programming, set-up, or adaptation. They also restore the vehicle’s performance when transporting heavy cargo.

Dorman Electrical Components

Dorman also prioritizes the smart side of the vehicle. This brand makes sure that its electrical components went through careful engineering procedures, including decoding O.E. control modules, assessing printed circuit boards, and checking the part’s physical design features to discover its weaknesses. Dorman’s in-house software team creates patented software and uses the latest sensors and processors to develop intelligent, highly efficient electrical solutions.

Dorman Chassis and Chassis Parts

There are vehicles used as workhorses; some are daily drivers, while others are for recreational use. This is the reason Dorman manufactures three arrays of chassis components designed for situations and applications. Like other Dorman parts, its chassis solutions are crafted to offer direct fit and a long lifespan. These components feature corrosion-resistant finishes, necessary hardware, sealed bearings, and high-performance lubricants.

Dorman made the Premium RD™ rugged design chassis for trucks and vehicles that operate under heavy loads. The brand's engineers also created premium R.D. ball joints with ArmourGrade™ studs and EverSmooth™ balls and metal-on-metal construction and larger bearing surfaces for better load capacity and a greaseable socket for long service life regardless of the driving conditions.

Dorman Undercar Solutions

Dorman’s undercar product category is composed of a diverse selection of products necessary to make a vehicle stop and go. These components can be difficult to service and maintain. Thankfully, Dorman constantly innovates and develops groundbreaking solutions that make maintenance simpler and installation faster.

Dorman drive shafts

Assembled and balanced in the USA, Dorman drive shafts ensure reliable engineering and superior quality from end to end. These drive shafts are built from scratch with all-new parts and are released from the assembly line, all ready to install. The company ensures OE-level design and material specifications for safe drive shaft operation. Fitted with serviceable universal joints in their yokes, these drive shafts are completely serviceable.

Dorman transmission lines

Address your ride’s clogged, rusted, or leaking transmission oil cooler lines the best way possible. How? By swapping them out with replacement units from Dorman. This brand supplies the aftermarket with corrosion-resistant transmission lines that have passed various validation checkpoints and showcase modern features. These include thermostatic bypass valves for optimum operating temperature and transmission fluid flow and barbed hose crimp connectors that withstand leaks and prevent transmission overheating. Dorman transmission parts are fit- and function-tested through a 12-step testing process. They also passed a 120-hour salt spray test to ensure corrosion resistance.

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