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Dorman is one of the few brands in manufacturing that have become bonafide household names.

The company was founded in 1918, over a century ago, and has survived multiple World Wars, the Great Depression, and countless other wars, conflicts, and struggles ever since. Nowadays, Dorman is one of the trucking industry's top producers of aftermarket parts.

Dorman does just about everything when it comes to parts, hence why the name is so easily recognizable. With more than 80,000 different parts listed in the company's catalogue, it's easy to see just how large the company has become.

The company now supplies parts through a wide variety of different channels, making it incredibly easy to purchase Dorman-brand pieces, parts, and hardware. That's true whether you live in the United States or just about anywhere else in the world.

Dorman produces items in just about every category there is, which is part of the reason that the company manages to boast so many items on its catalogue. The categories for Dorman parts include the majority of applications ranging from active suspension to WT technology.

Dorman isn't just one of the industry leaders when it comes to cross-category production of aftermarket parts, either. The company is also one of the industry leaders when it comes to aftermarket education, teaching drivers young and old better ways to take care of their vehicles.

This company has definitely earned its spot as one of the go-to brands in just about every category. To help you find the parts that you're looking for, we've organized the best of their thousands of products into a couple easily-accessible categories.