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Based in Lexington, Kentucky, CLARK is a top manufacturer of forklifts and materials handling vehicles and equipment. It boasts one of the broadest product lines in the industry, including light to heavy duty forklifts, tow tractors, narrow-aisle stackers, electric riders, and powered hand trucks. It is also among the oldest brands in the business, with a lineage that goes as far back as 1917 as an early manufacturer of gasoline-powered industrial trucks. CLARK continues its heritage of innovation with a progressive product development program that has led to many innovative features, which have become standard in its products.

While CLARK advertises its vehicles as being built to last, repair and maintenance of damaged components will be inevitable, especially for demanding operating environments. But thanks to a distribution network that spans 780 locations in more than 80 countries, finding spare parts for CLARK forklifts has never been easier. CLARK replacement parts are designed with OE compatibility in mind, ensuring a quick, trouble-free installation and seamless operation from the get-go. For customers on a tight budget, remanufactured components such as torque converters and hydraulics are also available. These parts offer nearly the same quality and performance as their brand new counterparts and are covered by a limited warranty.

FinditParts is proud to carry a comprehensive line of Clark-Replacement parts for both old and new models. We offer both brand new and remanufactured components for various materials handling vehicles, accessories, equipment at competitive prices. Browse our catalog today and see the difference in savings for yourself.

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CLARK-REPLACEMENT 802231 , replacement kit flexplate CLARK-REPLACEMENT 801874 , replacement gear CLARK-REPLACEMENT 236936 , ring gear CLARK-REPLACEMENT 214962 , replacement sleeve CLARK-REPLACEMENT 801780 ring gear kit for forklift CLARK-REPLACEMENT 235961 , replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 25K060116 , replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 239742 , bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 237454 , pump CLARK-REPLACEMENT 675246 , bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 230954 , seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 672070 , replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 237144 , replacement kit flexplate CLARK-REPLACEMENT 250387 , pump charging CLARK-REPLACEMENT 802495 , gear kit CLARK-REPLACEMENT 249345 , pump CLARK-REPLACEMENT 669896 , replacement bushing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 10J12 CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231336 , replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231554 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231646 bearing set CLARK-REPLACEMENT 1316483 replacement brg cup CLARK-REPLACEMENT 18404.006.04 replacement diff spider CLARK-REPLACEMENT 225601 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 225824 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 226595 ring gear CLARK-REPLACEMENT 247350 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 248978 replacement brg cone CLARK-REPLACEMENT 250127 pumps CLARK-REPLACEMENT 529110 replacement u joint CLARK-REPLACEMENT 571497 replacement pump CLARK-REPLACEMENT 669928 replacement spherical brg CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231780 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 237725 shaft CLARK-REPLACEMENT 239741 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 237572 replacement member CLARK-REPLACEMENT 239946 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 244884 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 710988 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 801801 seal kit CLARK-REPLACEMENT 802649 replacement kit ring gear 32 w/236937 CLARK-REPLACEMENT 1008477 replacement valve assembly CLARK-REPLACEMENT 106349 shaft CLARK-REPLACEMENT 1992215 replacement filter CLARK-REPLACEMENT 214961 adapter CLARK-REPLACEMENT 233089N replacement ring gear nylon CLARK-REPLACEMENT 23695 replacement mainshaft CLARK-REPLACEMENT 237297 replacement piston CLARK-REPLACEMENT 238174 disc CLARK-REPLACEMENT 239967 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 243301 replacement drum and shaft assembly CLARK-REPLACEMENT 244587 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 245935 disc CLARK-REPLACEMENT 247574 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 249087 replacement gear CLARK-REPLACEMENT 248882 bearing cap CLARK-REPLACEMENT 250798 hose - upper CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2754493 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 355786 replacement cover CLARK-REPLACEMENT 4148127 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 664808 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 223833 turbine CLARK-REPLACEMENT 225597 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 208820 replacement cup CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2112283 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2113656 replacement washer CLARK-REPLACEMENT 731287 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 742263 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 754019 replacement switch CLARK-REPLACEMENT 9227325 replacement bushing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 892187 replacement u joint CLARK-REPLACEMENT 867632 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 943221 replacement u joint CLARK-REPLACEMENT 943235 replacement u joint CLARK-REPLACEMENT 944865 replacement u joint CLARK-REPLACEMENT KR9893/137 replacement wheel stud CLARK-REPLACEMENT 117933 replacement oil seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 215183 replacement ring metal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 214953 ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 215757 plug CLARK-REPLACEMENT 220079 replacement ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 222312 spring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 224771 replacement ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 228987 replacement washer CLARK-REPLACEMENT 230886 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231161 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231458 seal ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 232535 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 238609 replacement disc CLARK-REPLACEMENT 242532 replacement switch CLARK-REPLACEMENT 249689 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 250947 replacement o-ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 654613 replacement snap ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 203800 replacement nut CLARK-REPLACEMENT 102833 replacement nut wheel CLARK-REPLACEMENT 104182 nut CLARK-REPLACEMENT 107904 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 119469 plug CLARK-REPLACEMENT 127989 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 13803640-5 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 1990161 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2112514 replacement disc CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2114051 replacement square cut seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 211433B replacement breather only CLARK-REPLACEMENT 214949 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 225316 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231781 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 231798 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 233222 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 234576 replacement seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 234350 snap ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 235050 stud CLARK-REPLACEMENT 235283 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 240023 replacement washer CLARK-REPLACEMENT 586452 replacement pin CLARK-REPLACEMENT 60K020102 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 60K030020 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 60K040616 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 60K041200 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 247658 replacement belleville washer assembly CLARK-REPLACEMENT 247949 lock ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 248023 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 248794 replacement oil seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 249889 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 249831 replacement gasket CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2520-01-190-4298 replacement disc CLARK-REPLACEMENT 25K030020 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 25K040316 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 420898 replacement ring metal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 743493 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 74G000836 replacement capscrew CLARK-REPLACEMENT 76K000014 o-ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 77K000013 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 8100397 replacement ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 109088 gear CLARK-REPLACEMENT 241818 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 250088 ring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 60K-40624 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 731981 bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 00139.3087 CLARK-REPLACEMENT 2114366 replacement bearing cone CLARK-REPLACEMENT 234833 replacement cap CLARK-REPLACEMENT 248977 replacement bearing cup CLARK-REPLACEMENT 268613 replacement pump assembly pump and backing plate CLARK-REPLACEMENT 60K020012 replacement oring CLARK-REPLACEMENT 10085849 CLARK-REPLACEMENT 667277 replacement bearing CLARK-REPLACEMENT 1314773 replacement brg cone CLARK-REPLACEMENT 234113 , seal CLARK-REPLACEMENT 106058 replacement gear Browse more...