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For more than four decades, Tectran has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic, air and electrical parts and systems for the transportation industry. They specialize in high performance parts for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. We have a large selection of Tectran parts for your rig or your truck fleet. Though the company is best known for their tractor-trailer hook-up lines, they offer an ever-expanding product line.

Air Conditioning and Heating, Air System Devices

We carry various sizes of AC hose and tubing for your truck’s air conditioning and heating systems. You’ll also find air system devices such as air brake valves, air dryers and dryer cartridges, ABS parts and coiled air accessories.

Brake Components and Electrical Tectran Parts

Among our large selection of Tectran brake parts and electrical components, you’ll see circuit breakers, air pressure switches, terminals and connectors, pressure regulators, tubing, hose clamps, coil kits, muffler clamp saddles, D.O.T. push lock fittings, terminal strips, fuse panels and air pressure gauges. There are also various kinds of parts kits to keep your shop well-stocked with essentials. We also have coiled air hoses, battery/starter cables, wheel checks, primary wire and cable assemblies. Tectran FIX-IT packs and other professional parts kits offer convenience and value for truck fleet operators and shops.

Belts, Hoses, Clamps and Other Heavy Duty Tectran Parts

From hoses and hose clamps to plugs and sockets, brass fittings and quick connectors, we have what you need to keep your truck and equipment running smoothly. If you’re not exactly sure what you need, you can search by part number or keyword.

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With our inventory of more than 9 million parts, we’re almost certain to have what you need! We are a key supplier of industrial grade parts and accessories for heavy duty, automotive and off-road industrial vehicles, and offer competitive pricing and friendly, attentive customer service.