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Since 1938, Precision Instruments has been the go-to brand by professionals for high-quality torque tools and testing equipment. The company is highly reputable for introducing many precision tools that are being sold in the market, including dial-type torsion bar wrenches, torque testers, and split-beam torque wrenches. Today, the company conducts most of its operations in Des Plaines, IL, where every step of the manufacturing process from machining to assembly is strictly supervised. All the tooling and specialty equipment such as press dies and cutters are also fabricated in-house, giving Precision Instruments flexibility in a highly competitive market and the ability to develop new tools and technologies in an efficient way.

When you need to tighten a bolt to 8 ounces of an inch thick or 10,000 pounds of torque, Precision Instruments has the tools to get the job done quickly and accurately. These include dial-type wrenches for critical measurements, split beam and adjustable click wrenches for heavy-duty use, and drivers for precise applications of light torque. It also offers multiplier indicators for use with torque multipliers to improve its accuracy significantly. Each tool also incorporates a patented mechanism that allows for quick calibration while still protecting the moving parts from contamination. Also, as a testament to its quality, Precision Instruments tools are backed by a 1-year guarantee.

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