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As the brand's name suggests, Donaldson Filtration Solutions is known best for its filters. These filters are designed to work in a variety of applications and stand up to the tests of time, contaminants, and everyday wear and tear. Whether you're looking for a filter for your air intake, fuel, hydraulics, or lube systems, Donaldson produces it all.

Ever since the earlier 1900s, the Donaldson brand has been manufacturing innovative and effective new technologies. In 1915, Frank Donaldson Senior invented the world's first air intake filter for a farm tractor, a legacy that has been continued over 100 years of continued production for tractors, trailers, tractor trailers, and everything in between.

Today, the company is heralded as one of the world's leading manufacturers of filters in a variety of categories as well as the pieces, parts, and hardware necessary to ensure that those filters stay in top working order. We at FindItParts have selected an array of the company's best products and organized them into three categories for easy viewing: air filters, engine parts and accessories, exhaust, and other filters. While this selection seems limited, it is a reflection of the brand's specialization in the field of filtration technology.

With over 100 years of production under its belt, Donaldson has managed to expand its manufacturing processes to provide more than enough products to service countless truckers across the entirety of the planet. And with the company's massive distribution network, that is becoming more possible with each passing day.