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Body Length 34.12 in
Overall Length 40.00 in
Attenuation Hr 12 dBA
Attenuation Lr 8 dBA
Back Pressure High-range Hg2.99 inch Hg)
Back Pressure Low-range Hg0.98 inch Hg)
Back Pressure Mid-range Hg2.01 inch Hg)
Body Diameter Maximum 8.46 in
Inlet Diameter 4.02 in
Outlet Diameter 4.02 in
Rated Flow Hr 88.3 m³/min (3118 cfm)
Rated Flow Lr 50.9 m³/min (1798 cfm)
Rated Flow Mr 72.1 m³/min (2546 cfm)
Style Style 1
For more than 100 years, Donaldson® has provided effective solutions to complex filtration challenges in various industries. Fleet managers worldwide have relied on Donaldson’s wide range of filtration products to ensure their trucks operate at peak efficiency and reduce expenses and maintenance downtime in the long run. These products include air intake filters and cleaners, cabin air filters, coolant filters, fuel filters and water separators, transmission filters, exhaust filtration products, and so much more. Each Donaldson filtration product is engineered for durability and performance that matches that of the original. Whether they are long-haul trucks, school buses, dump trucks, or other commercial vehicles, Donaldson filtration products will help keep them running smoothly.

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