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CHELSEA Power Take Off (PTO) Input Sliding Gear


About Chelsea

Performance, excellent quality, and reliability—these are a Chelsea guarantee. A product division of Parker Hannifin, Chelsea is a global innovation leader in Power Take-Off (P.T.O.) products for the mobile vocational and truck markets. It provides all its products with greater power density, enabling higher work output from the customer, resulting in higher owner-operator profitability and improved business uptime. Chelsea’s growth is largely attributed to its worldwide network of distribution centers strategically located in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Despite its continued success, the people behind this brand remain committed to providing their global customers with nothing but the highest quality products.

Heavy Duty - Specifically designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use.

Reliable and Rugged - Manufactured and rigorously tested following strict quality and safety standards.

Full Line - Whether you need cast iron 6-bolt, 8-bolt, 10-bolt, countershaft, split-shaft, and front engine mount applications, Chelsea has got the right PTO for you.

Vast Options - Chelsea’s PTOs are available in a wide range of internal speeds, torque capacities, and output options.

Chelsea Parts

Chelsea parts are engineered to provide the kind of performance you need for whatever task at hand. Whether you are lifting, pushing, or pulling, you can count on these parts to help increase your productivity and minimize downtime. Quality is also the core of Parker Hannifin's Chelsea Products Division. It employs people dedicated to creating and sharing quality and innovative parts that exceed customers' expectations. Chelsea's commitments also include the continual improvement of its Quality Management System. It takes pride in its augmented product design portfolio that greatly improves installation efficiency. Many truckers and fleet operators make Chelsea their brand of choice because of its wide selection of P.T.O.s offered in various internal speeds, output choices, and torque capacities.

Chelsea Power Take-Off (P.T.O.)

If you need a rugged, well-performing P.T.O., Parker Chelsea is the brand to trust. Its engineers understand how important this part is in transmitting the engine's power to another mechanical device. Chelsea P.T.O. comes in many different types, and each one is exclusively designed for specific industrial applications. Among the notable features of this Chelsea part are powershift, mechanical shift, overspeed controls and flanges, and constant engaged shift options. They are ideal for remote or direct-mounting hydraulic pumps, water pumps, blowers, product pumps, and generators.

  • 280 Series

Made available for the oil and gas, aerial, on-highway, and defense markets, the Chelsea 280 Series is an all-new P.T.O. that supplies high continuous-duty torque in a speed range where durability and power are needed. This hydraulically shifted hot-shift P.T.O. is engineered for automatic transmissions with a 10-Bolt aperture. It is commonly installed on Caterpillar and Allison transmissions. This series's notable features are rotatable output flanges for better clearance, up to 390 ft-lbs continuous-duty torque rating, wet-spline technology for extended P.T.O./pump shaft life, and Chelsea Smart Start options for a high-torque startup.

  • 489 Series

The Chelsea 489 Series P.T.O. for the manual transmission is specifically crafted to cut down mounting time and minimize potential leak paths. It comes with one-piece cast iron P.T.O. housing that bolts directly to the 8-Bolt transmission opening but provides torque capacity as the 442 Series. It features durable tapered bearings for higher load-bearing capability. Plus, it offers twenty-seven output choices, including the famous Chelsea 360° rotatable flange with a greasable shaft to lessen pump shaft spline fretting and corrosion. Another feature that makes this P.T.O. versatile is its eleven internal speed shift and ratio options. The 489 PTO is compatible with most manual transmissions like Mack, Eaton Endurant, and Tremec, commonly found on utility trucks, fire and rescue vehicles, dump trucks and trailers, and snow and ice removal equipment.

  • 210 Series

Parker Chelsea is also a well-known provider of power transfer solutions to the work truck market. The 210 Series P.T.O. ensures straightforward installation with its single-hose connection and built-in cartridge valve and pressure switch. The brand's patented design resulted in a best-in-class P.T.O. for minimal noise when fitted on the TorqShift™ 10-speed automatic transmission. The Chelsea 210 series P.T.O., combined with the Ford 10R140 transmission, guarantees a torque capacity of up to 2w35 ft-lbs. This capacity is matched with a plethora of pump sizes, so you can find one that matches your applications' required flow rates and pressures. It is also equipped with a noise suppression system and Electronic Overspeed Control (E.O.C.), making this series ideal for service trucks, small dump trucks, fire and rescue vehicles, and tow and recovery applications.

Chelsea Power Take-Off Hardware and Accessories

If you need power take-off hardware like bolts, mounting kit, gaskets, oil seals, and switches, Chelsea is the way to go. This brand has the small components you need to restore the efficiency and performance of your Chelsea P.T.O. The geared adapter, for one, is designed to address issues when there is a need to change P.T.O. output shaft rotation or remove a mounting obstacle. In addition, the Electronic Overspeed Control (E.O.C.) Box is a top-quality, direct replacement for a malfunctioning stock. It is a state-of-the-art shift option designed to protect auxiliary power equipment by keeping them within the owner-determined operating limits. This products division also carries a line of accessories, including knob, shift cylinder, gasket cover, indicator light, and other parts that help enhance the P.T.O. 's functionality. There are also Chelsea gasket and seal kits, repair kits, overhaul kits, mounting kits, and other kits that make servicing and maintenance of your P.T.O. easier and faster.

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