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From fire engine to freighter, Chelsea makes just about the best Power Take-Off (PTO) products in the industry. When buying from Chelsea, you'll get only the top-of-the-line PTO hardware to give your truck or vocational vehicle that extra "umph!"

Chelsea's engineers design their PTOs to perform well at a range of different speeds. Since tractor trailers, firetrucks, and ambulances often have to adjust speeds to avoid collisions, a Chelsea PTO can ensure your rig doesn't crack under the pressure.

The torque capacities and overall outputs of Chelsea's PTOs are also designed to match the specific drive requirements of all major manufacturers and models sold in Asia Pacific, Australia, China, India, Europe, and of course North America.

The available PTO styles Chelsea produces offer a wide array of customizability. Simply get a picture in your head of your vehicle's dream performance and then look through the six PTO styles for the one that helps you realize that dream.

Chelsea's PTO styles are 6-bolt, 8-bolt, 10-bolt, countershaft, front engine mount, and split-shaft applications. Each of these six styles are made with only the most durable cast iron to ensure the hardware stays as strong as possible under any conditions.

These Power Take-Off models come with an array of features that are just as expansive as the list of PTO styles. The features include three kinds of shifts as well as overspeed controls and flanges designed to enable easy mounting of multiple different kinds.

To put it simply, Chelsea is the go-to for most truckers looking to meet their PTO needs.