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Wabco is the shortened title of Wabco Holdings, Inc. The brand is sometimes shortened even further to WBC, particularly when referencing its ticker symbol on the NYSE. As you can expect from any internationally traded brand, Wabco is a massive manufacturer with a global presence. Although it specializes in a wide variety of applications, Wabco is most loved for the niche products that it produces.

Wabco's history goes back to 2007 when it was founded as an off-shoot of the vehicle control division of Trane. Wabco got off on a great foot thanks to the support that its engineers initially found in Trane as well as the skill and ingenuity that the brand's team brought to the table. After only a few short years, Wabco established itself as a publicly-traded brand capable of competing on a global scale with countless other producers and manufacturers who had been around for far longer.

But engineering isn't like a fine wine — it doesn't need age to be high-quality. Today, Wabco is a multi-national corporation with more than 14,000 employees. Despite the brand growing exponentially in the past few years, its founders still haven't forgotten where they came from. The brand continues to produce a variety of high-quality pieces, parts, and hardware across a range of component categories.

We at FindItParts have individually selected nearly 1,000 unique parts from Wabco's extensive production catalog. Whether you're looking for the brand's high-quality spark plugs, long-lasting control valves, or anything in between, Wabco might have something that your truck will enjoy.