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ABS Hydraulic Assembly

WABCO ABS Hydraulic Assembly

Achieve optimal anti-lock braking performance with the WABCO ABS Hydraulic Assembly. This component acts as the heart of the ABS system, precisely regulating hydraulic pressure based on signals received from the ABS Electronic Control Unit (ECU). WABCO's innovative design utilizes high-response solenoid valves that rapidly adjust brake pressure at each wheel, allowing the system to react swiftly to potential lockup situations, preventing wheels from locking and maintaining vehicle stability during hard braking or on low-traction surfaces. The WABCO 4008518767 is built with hardwearing, corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the demanding environment of over-the-road trucking.

Features & Benefits

  • Brake pressure modulation at each wheel ensures superior lockup prevention and precise hydraulic pressure control
  • Prevents wheel lockup, allowing drivers to retain steering control in critical situations, enhancing braking stability
  • Rapid response solenoids enable the system to react swiftly to potential lockup scenarios for improved braking
  • Durably constructed with high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials to withstand harsh road conditions and ensure long lifespan.
  • Optimizes braking control and minimizes the risk of accidents in various driving conditions
  • Maintains consistent performance with reliable seals that prevent fluid leaks and pressure loss

Product Description

ABS Hydraulic Assembly

WABCO 4008518767 Cross Reference

9C4Z*2C405*A 9C4Z-2C405-A 9C4Z2C405A 9C4Z2C405D 9C4Z*2C405*D 9C4Z2X405D 9C4Z2C405A

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Whether it’s for cars, buses, trucks, or trailers, WABCO® is at the frontline at developing and providing products and systems to make vehicles safer and easier to control. Founded in 1869, WABCO is a major supplier of braking, stability, suspension and transmissions in the Americas and beyond. The company is recognized as introducing the modern air brake system in 1869, and continues to lead the industry in air brake design and production for the heavy duty and commercial vehicle sectors. Today, WABCO operates as a division of the German auto parts maker ZF and employs 16,000 employees in facilities in 36 countries worldwide.

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