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Technical Specifications

Part Number PF64

ACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filter

Shield your engine from harmful contaminants with an ACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filter. ACDelco’s Professional line incorporates advanced technology to deliver exceptional performance. This filter features a high-capacity media that traps even microscopic particles, ensuring cleaner oil flows throughout your engine. Unlike standard filters that may become clogged prematurely, the ACDelco PF64 withstands extended service intervals while maintaining exceptional filtering efficiency. 

Features & Benefits

  • High-capacity media effectively traps even the tiniest contaminants, safeguarding your engine from wear and tear
  • Engineered to last longer than standard filters, minimizing maintenance intervals and reducing costs
  • Maintains clean oil flow throughout your engine, optimizing performance and longevity
  • Manufactured with robust materials and construction to withstand demanding engine pressures.

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A true OEM auto parts brand for GM and non-GM vehicles, ACDelco® offers a wide portfolio of parts designed to keep vehicles on the road longer. These parts work precisely and fit perfectly because they are designed, engineered, tested, and backed by General Motors. But ACDelco also carries aftermarket components that go through the same 18-step quality approval process as the OE parts. Whether customers choose OE or aftermarket, they’d get the same reliable performance, precise engineering, and superior reliability for years to come. ACDelco’s expansive product portfolio includes alternators, filters, batteries, brakes, belts and hoses, oil and fluids, and suspension parts. These products are made to meet GM and non-GM vehicles’ ever-evolving powertrain, collision, maintenance, and repair needs.

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