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ACDelco is one of the many brands owned by the legendary General Motors. A member brand of the Big Three automotive manufacturers in the United States, ACDelco is one of the highest-quality brands for the production of brakes and electrical systems as well as shop tools and equipment for heavy-duty trucking.

The first sign of the "AC" in "ACDelco" wasn't to be seen until after Buick, the company that initially owned the brand, was hit with a trademark violation case by the Champion Spark Plug Company. As a result, those spark plugs were rebranded as "AC Spark Plugs" in 1908.

General Motors acquired the brand in 1927 and rebranded once again to "AC-Delco" in 1974 with AC and Delco both producing independent products until rebranding for the third time in 1995. From then on, the brand would be known as ACDelco.

Today, the ACDelco brand produces pieces, parts, and hardware in only a couple of key categories. This specialization has enabled the brand to rise to prominence as one of the top-of-the-line producers of items in those categories.

Of course, the spark plugs still take the cake when it comes to the General Motors company, but ACDelco has also created several different braking system designs that have risen to prominence in recent years.

Whether you're looking for a complex braking system with hydraulic parts to replace your existing one or the simple spark plugs for which the brand came to be known, ACDelco is always a great option.