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About ACDelco

When you hear the brand ACDelco, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is General Motors. Well, that's highly expected considering that ACDelco is owned by General Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in the United States and one of the largest automobile manufacturers worldwide. Since GM's inception in 1908, ACDelco has already been at the forefront of automotive innovation, standing side-by-side with GM Genuine Parts as the most reliable source for genuine General Motors Original Equipment. And over the years, this brand has built a solid reputation as a trusted producer of brakes, electrical systems, and shop tools and equipment for the heavy-duty trucking industry.

ACDelco's OE parts are installed in millions of GM vehicles every year. They are designed, engineered, tested, and backed by General Motors, so they fit and function precisely like genuine GM parts. ACDelco, however, is not only known for its OE parts but also its Gold and Silver aftermarket parts. Following the same 18-step quality approval process, these parts are guaranteed to fit and work like their OE counterparts. And since GM backs them, customers can rest easy even if they install these aftermarket parts in non-GM makes and models.

Despite its continued success, ACDelco remains committed to delivering high-quality products that fit right the first time. Its primary focus will always be 100% customer satisfaction. So it strives hard to meet each customers’ needs—top-notch parts, unmatched quality, excellent service, and affordable prices.

ACDelco Parts

ACDelco offers a wide range of parts—from essential maintenance items, such as batteries, oils, and fluids, to more crucial components, including filters and brakes. So, whatever your needs are for your light, medium, or heavy duty vehicles, ACDelco has the right parts for you. All ACDelco parts are manufactured, tested, and evaluated in GM's state-of-the-art facilities, so customers are assured that only the highest quality products come out of the assembly line. Check out below for some of the most sought-after ACDelco products.


Enjoy a reliable starting power with ACDelco batteries. These batteries are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards for guaranteed efficiency, performance, and reliability. Engineered for use in various applications, including automotive and industrial, all ACDelco batteries are lab-tested, field-proven, and backed by General Motors, so you can be confident that what you get are top-notch products. Available in Gold (Professional) and Silver (Advantage), a limited-warranty coverage backs each AC Delco battery for your peace of mind.

To know when it's time to get a new battery for your vehicle, be wary of these telltale signs: hard start or no start at all, flickering or dimming lights, electrical malfunctions, illuminating dashboard warning light, and corrosion. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to check the battery. Once you confirm that it's indeed the battery causing all those issues, get only a replacement from the trusted brand—ACDelco.

Oil & Fluids

ACDelco knows how crucial maintenance is for your vehicle's overall performance. That is why it offers a comprehensive range of vehicle care products, such as oils and fluids. Designed to enhance, protect, and maintain your vehicle, these ACDelco oils and fluids are made to match your specific vehicle requirements and tested to ensure maximum efficiency at all times.

Are you looking for a transmission fluid that’s usable all year round in all climates? How about an antifreeze that’s compatible with conventional cooling systems? Whatever it is that you need, ACDelco has got it for you—from antifreeze, sealants, motor oils, and transmission fluid to cleaners, sealants, paints, waxes, adhesives, and lubricants.


If there's one area in your vehicle that you should never fail to check, it's the brake system. Worn-out or damaged brake components can put your safety at risk, so before simple brake issues turn to worst, repair or replace them right away with the ones from ACDelco. From brake shoes, brake rotors, and brake pads to brake calipers and drums, this brand has got precisely what you need and more.

ACDelco brake parts undergo rigorous manufacturing and testing processes for superior, reliable performance at any speed and driving conditions. Different materials are also available, so be sure to get one that best matches your vehicle requirements. Whether you need an OE or aftermarket brake part, this brand surely won't let you down.

Spark Plugs

Trouble starting, engine misfiring or surging, high fuel consumption, lack of acceleration, and rough idling are just some of the most common symptoms of a bad spark plug. When you notice any of these, check the spark plugs and replace them, if necessary. ACDelco has got a wide selection of ACDelco GM Original Equipment and Gold (Professional) spark plug products. Engineered to meet the highest standards of quality, these spark plugs are proven to last longer in service than the competition.

Choose from ACDelco’s double-platinum, iridium, glow plug, conventional, and RAPIDFIRE™ single-platinum lines to get your vehicle back on the road in no time. All these are top-notch replacements designed to do the job—and do it well at a price you can surely afford.


Oil, air, and fuel are all vital for your vehicle's overall performance. But, they must be clean and free from any impurities for your engine and other components to function correctly. And this is where ACDelco's wide range of filters comes into play. Designed to block just about everything, ACDelco's air, fuel, and oil filters are made using the highest quality materials for superior durability and maximum reliability. They are also engineered to match the specifications of the original filters that came with your vehicle for a precise fit and functionality. And since GM backs them, you can rest assured that these filters will last long in service.

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ACDELCO 520-396 gas charged rear shock absorber ACDELCO 520-117 gas charged front shock absorber ACDELCO 15-5632 instrument panel air duct air temperature sensor ACDELCO 10-9214 15w-40 diesel motor oil - 1 gal ACDELCO 520-116 gas charged rear shock absorber ACDELCO 520-41 gas charged rear shock absorber ACDELCO 520-42 gas charged front shock absorber ACDELCO 14177S molded heater hose ACDELCO MR43LTS spark plug asm,gas eng ign ACDELCO 84248379 switch asm-l/ga (slp-1) ACDELCO 10-5027 dex-cool 50/50 pre-mix engine coolant/antifreeze - 1 gal ACDELCO GT378 - ACDELCO AFM4 air filter restriction indicator ACDELCO 8-01816 hybrid wiper blade 18 in ACDELCO 519-36 front spring assisted shock absorber ACDELCO 176-1786 power brake booster line gm original equipment ACDELCO MR43T spark plug asm,gas eng ign ACDELCO D618 voltage regulator ACDELCO 12636274 fuel filter hose ACDELCO 18FR626 front driver side disc brake caliper assembly without pads (friction ready non-coated) ACDELCO D6227E turn signal and (slp-1) ACDELCO 18M217 brake master cylinder assembly ACDELCO LM46 conventional spark plug ACDELCO 24458L upper molded coolant hose ACDELCO TP1019 filter fuel (w/ wat sep) ACDELCO TP1021 gm original equipment fuel water separator filter ACDELCO 18J4209 front driver side hydraulic brake hose assembly ACDELCO 10-9243 dexron vi full synthetic automatic transmission fluid - 1 qt ACDELCO 19431689 absorber kit rr ACDELCO PF26 engine oil filter ACDELCO 520-115 gas charged front shock absorber ACDELCO 84984613 hose asm-a/c cmp (slp) ACDELCO Pf63 use e ACDELCO 60003643 - ACDELCO 10-5073 power steering fluid - 32 oz ACDELCO 131-131 engine coolant thermostat ACDELCO 131-163 engine coolant thermostat ACDELCO 178-1032 booster asm,p/b ACDELCO CF188 cabin air filter ACDELCO 86779280 module kit-f/tnk (slp) ACDELCO 84558550 gear asm ACDELCO 15566155 back-up lamp switch ACDELCO 19330564 hydraulic rack and pinion steering gear assembly with tie rods ACDELCO 580-404 front driver side suspension strut assembly kit ACDELCO 84956403 - ACDELCO PF59F ACDELCO R45S conventional spark plug ACDELCO TF924 automatic transmission fluid filter ACDELCO 15-34717 air conditioning evaporator and blower module drain hose ACDELCO PF26F filter asm oil ACDELCO 10475535 screw ACDELCO 11514596 m8 x 1.25 mm nut ACDELCO 18B29 rear brake drum assembly ACDELCO H9 headlight bulb ACDELCO 560-633 rear shock absorber ACDELCO 18A959A non-coated rear disc brake rotor ACDELCO 84115497 transfer case four wheel drive actuator ACDELCO 15-34653 auxiliary air conditioning inlet and outlet evaporator tube assembly ACDELCO 8-92615 beam wiper blade 26 in ACDELCO 12687698 module asm-glow (slp-1) ACDELCO 19420691 pump asmp/s (slp-1) ACDELCO PF932F durapack engine oil filter ACDELCO 42664165 suspension strut assembly front left fits 17-20 chevrolet bolt ev ACDELCO R44T conventional spark plug ACDELCO 8-02416 hybrid wiper blade 24 in ACDELCO TP3018 fuel filter - with seals ACDELCO 45G0760 ACDELCO 20835553 door lock and window switch ACDELCO 336-1824 starter ACDELCO A1517C air filter ACDELCO 15-33731 air conditioning refrigerant liquid hose ACDELCO 214-5073 exhaust gas recirculation (egr) valve kit - with egr valve and gasket ACDELCO 84055067 electronic brake control module assembly ACDELCO 12346241 synthetic multi-purpose glycol lubricant - 11 oz spray ACDELCO 10-2024 thread sealant - 1.69 oz ACDELCO 19405605 - ACDELCO 22086417 windshield washer hose connector ACDELCO 20787608 cable asm-a/trns range sel lvr (at trns) ACDELCO 84530485 - ACDELCO 84230447 rear driver side shock absorber with upper mount ACDELCO G18MM oxygen sensor gasket ACDELCO 25809368 trunk lid pull down motor ACDELCO 10105212 alternator bracket ACDELCO L194NA multi-purpose light bulb ACDELCO R43S conventional spark plug ACDELCO 176-1461 power brake booster outlet hose assembly ACDELCO 176-1486 power brake booster inlet hose assembly ACDELCO GT376 gm original equipment fuel tank cap ACDELCO 214-2324 vapor canister vent solenoid ACDELCO 213-802 heated oxygen sensor ACDELCO EP1028 high pressure fuel pump with seal, retainer, gasket, and bolt ACDELCO 14771B bonded rear parking brake shoe ACDELCO MU2433 ® - professional™ fuel pump module assembly ACDELCO 41-943 platinum spark plug ACDELCO 15-81825 heating and air conditioning blower motor resistor ACDELCO 24258550 automatic transmission shift shaft position switch ACDELCO 15516 high capacity v-belt ACDELCO FW382 front wheel hub and bearing assembly with wheel studs ACDELCO 177-1056 front disc brake rotor ACDELCO 214-5580 egr valve kit with egr valve and gasket ACDELCO 12663047 drive belt tensioner ACDELCO 84143540 alternator ACDELCO 18J1285 rear driver side hydraulic brake hose assembly ACDELCO 12554211 fuel injection fuel rail bolt ACDELCO 84925029 module asm-elek (slp-1) ACDELCO 19420998 module kit,f/pmp cyc cont(w/o fuel lvl sen) ACDELCO 84776627 - ACDELCO 20832564 hose asm-fuel f (slp-1) ACDELCO 15-20516 air conditioning compressor ACDELCO 90559606 rear window wiper motor grommet ACDELCO PF52E engine oil filter ACDELCO 18A97A non-coated front disc brake rotor and hub assembly ACDELCO 15946187 fuel feed, vapor, and return hose assembly ACDELCO 12694877 gm genuine parts fuel injection throttle body with throttle actuator ACDELCO 18A503AC coated front disc brake rotor ACDELCO 15904564 abs pressure modulator valve ACDELCO 12624927 engine control module assembly ACDELCO 540-252 premium monotube rear shock absorber ACDELCO C87 conventional spark plug ACDELCO 560-726 absorber,rr shk ACDELCO 12479390 other ACDELCO 18A2332PV performance rear disc brake rotor for fleet/police ACDELCO 540-582 premium monotube front shock absorber ACDELCO 89059688 transfer case four wheel drive actuator with encoder motor ACDELCO 92271062 motor mount ACDELCO 12639087 intake manifold assembly ACDELCO 20761343 electronic traction control brake pressure modulator valve kit ACDELCO 85108017 pad kit-frt dis (slp-1) ACDELCO 84511252 - ACDELCO 95333752 - ACDELCO 8-02016 hybrid wiper blade 20 in ACDELCO 19257603 evaporative emissions canister vent valve solenoid jumper wiring harness ACDELCO 214-5513 egr valve kit with egr valve and gasket ACDELCO 15251488 automatic transmission fluid cooler pipe fitting seal ACDELCO 25957397 steering gear assembly with linkage tie rods ACDELCO 15-34626 air conditioning refrigerant liquid hose ACDELCO U7001 fuel tank selector valve ACDELCO 213-4657 mass air flow sensor kit with wiring connector ACDELCO 5K345 v-ribbed serpentine belt ACDELCO 18A82458AC 19422602 - advantage coated brake rotors ACDELCO 24202349 4t40e automatic transmission forward clutch low and reverse band lube pipe ACDELCO M100025 fuel pump module assembly without fuel level sensor, with seals ACDELCO PK392 rear suspension air line kit with valve, cap, and attaching hardware ACDELCO 18K1618 rear parking brake hardware kit ACDELCO 15-22207 air conditioning pressure in compressor switch ACDELCO 580-1071 strut asm-frt susp ACDELCO 92273850 - ACDELCO A3223C air filter ACDELCO 12610160 engine block valley cover port seal ACDELCO 95929523 auto trans oil cooler hose assembly fits 12-18 chevrolet sonic Browse more...

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