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About Gresen Hydraulics

The complexity of running your machines and vehicles with hydraulics is made easy by professionals who dedicate their time and talent to developing and bringing to life the best hydraulic pumps, valves, controls, cylinders, filters, and seals. One of the renowned names in this side of the industry is Gresen Hydraulics. This is an industry-leading manufacturer of a full range of top-quality hydraulic parts and systems that provide force, motion, and control for mobile, industrial, marine, and energy-related equipment and machinery.

Acquired by Parker Hannifin from Dana Corporation, Gresen Hydraulics is now part of a company with the largest global distribution network in motion and control. Parker has over 7,500 distributors catering to more than 422,000 customers. The company operates in 64 locations worldwide, including the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Sweden, and Brazil. Parker Hannifin also takes pride in being a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies and its extensive global marketing network with more than 1,500 independent international distributors.

With Parker Hannifin’s unwavering support, the people behind Gresen Hydraulics develop products with the customers’ needs in mind. This allows the company to incorporate technology breakthroughs and advanced product features that bring the hydraulic system’s performance to a whole new level. Parker’s acquisition of Gresen gave this brand more credibility and staying power in the hydraulic industry.

Gresen Hydraulics Parts

Backed by many years of engineering expertise and a broad range of core technologies, the Gresen Hydraulics was uniquely positioned to help address the most significant global engineering challenges. Among the well-known Gresen Hydraulic parts are hydraulic pump and motors, pressure and flow control valves, power units, hydrostatic steering, accumulators, rotary actuators, cylinders, electro-hydraulic systems, and many more.

Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic pumps and motors always work hand in hand. If they get the job done, it will be easy for the entire system to pull off its task. Since this tandem is considered the heart of any hydraulic system, Gresen engineers ensure that the brand’s pumps and motors are devised to work together seamlessly. And as they strive to streamline mechanical processes, Gresen’s pumps and motors are made as compact and mobile as possible.

Gresen hydraulic pumps are fitted with durable housings and have long shapes. They are ideal for use in compact equipment in highway, manufacturing, construction, and other industries. The Gresen motors, on the other hand, are closed-system components to ensure that no particles can get into and damage their core and inside mechanisms. Perfect for machines and vehicles used on long workdays, these motors deliver consistent, long-lasting power.


The hydraulic system has many transition points and connections that necessitate proper sealing. Examples of these are Gresen's hydraulic valve, hose, and pump assembly, which has several transitions that are susceptible to leakage. It is in these transitions where Gresen seal kits are required. They are installed to prevent leaks and to keep contaminants out of the hydraulic system.

If you have a machine or vehicle that relies on a hydraulic system for proper operation, you had better stock up on different types of seals from Gresen Hydraulics. This brand produces the best hydraulic seals possible. These seals are made from high-grade materials and are formed in the company’s state-of-the-art facility using the latest production technology. They are rigorously tested to ensure efficiency even in harsh environments and during pressure and temperature shock load swings.

Valves and Controls

Gresen prides itself in designing best-in-class hydraulic control valves that are trusted by many professionals and technicians in the field. When you need to update your hydraulic systems, Gresen valves and controls are the smart choices. These Gresen Hydraulic parts are compatible with the rest of the system, so there is no need to replace the entire system when it’s just a valve or one of the controls that necessitates replacement. Gresen supplies the industry with flow control valves, motor control valves, directional control valves, and many others.

Hydraulic Filters

Whether you prioritize it or not, filtration is one of the hydraulic system’s most vital components. It could spell the difference between a long-lasting machine or one that quickly gets damaged and necessitates replacement in just a short while. But the task of keeping debris and contaminants off your ride’s or machine’s hydraulics is no easy task. It is imperative that you choose the right hydraulic filters for your applications. Among the different types of filters for mobile applications are:

  • Pressure filters: These filters are available in low, standard, and heavy-duty filters. Low-pressure filters work at 10 bars of pressure or less, while standard pressure filters protect the hydraulic parts from wear and tear. The high-pressure filter commonly used in a vehicle’s hydraulic system comes with a bypass check valve. It is often installed directly in the back of the pump, acting as the primary filter for maximum flow and protection from wear.

  • Return filters: A part of every hydraulic system, the return-line filter mounts directly onto the tank cover, making it easy to replace.

  • Spin-on filters: These are low-pressure hydraulic filters that serve as suction filters. They can also be used to filter the return line of the hydraulic circuit. These filters are also easy to service because of the disposable filter cans that can be replaced altogether.

  • Suction filters: This type of filter efficiently protects the hydraulic pump from contaminants that are larger than 10 microns. It is necessary for applications that are more likely to suffer from pump damage due to large particles or contaminants.


When you plan to update your Gresen hydraulic system, don’t forget to install new cylinders as these components ensure a smooth transfer of power the moment the worker activates the hydraulics. Hydraulic cylinders from Gresen are available in various sizes and material types, so you can surely find one that’s ideal for your application. They are rigorously tested to ensure resistance against pressure and temperature extremes and guarantee excellent performance under harsh operating conditions.

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