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BrakePro heavy-duty brake products fit a variety of applications. The company?s product line consists of quality heavy-duty truck, transit, waste haul, heavy haul trailer, and school bus brake block and linings. BrakePro products are designed to ensure the lowest life cycle operating cost-per-mile, minimize brake squeal during stopping and provide trouble-free extended life.

The BrakePro name is synonymous with important industry advancements in manufacturing processes, superior performance friction formulas, noise reduction, and the use of traceability codes to provide an indelible tracking system.

The BrakePro line incorporates the use of aramid fibers, such as DuPont? Kevlar® product, which are 5 times stronger than steel and 2.5 times stronger than fiberglass used by most of the industry competitors. The result? Heavy-duty brake linings that are stronger and more flex resistant. BrakePro products also surpass industry competitors in their fade resistance at higher temperatures.