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Every combustion engine relies on oxygen to get a good, clean burn. With the extra burst of oxygen from one of these DOC kits, your fuel's oxidization levels will increase, boosting your engine performance and fuel economy in the process.

These kits are built to last, using only the strongest high-grade stainless steel in the canning and elsewhere in the hardware. Whether you're looking for a heavy-duty D.O.C. kit to prep for the next heavyweight haul or you're just looking to repair some damage or wear and tear on an old machine, we have the parts for that.

Not only are these kits brand new, completely free from oppressive core requirements, and more affordable than OEMs, they're also guaranteed to be an exact fit for your machine. That means no more guesswork and wasted hours buying the wrong hardware for your project. Simply click and pick the part you need with the exact measurements you want and that's what you'll get.

With the option for free, same-day shipping, you can rest assured knowing that your product is going to arrive on time and in time for you make the change before your next haul.

These D.O.C. kits come fully registered with a two-year, unlimited miles warranty designed specifically with performance in mind. All you have to do is hold on to your receipts and enjoy the ride.

Best of all, every Dinex D.O.C. kit includes clamps and gaskets tailored to the individual part that you're looking to buy, making finding compatible parts as easy as clicking "Add to Cart."

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