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Not to be confused with Murphy Manufacturing, FW Murphy Production Controls — a.k.a. Murphy — is a producer and manufacturer of instrumentation and control hardware, accessories, and components for a variety of industries. With nearly a century of innovation under its belt, Murphy has produced a large number of high-quality products that have secured it a great reputation in the world of trucking.

Murphy has been active in the transportation industry since the company's inception in the mid 1900s. By narrowing the scope of the brand's manufacturing process and focusing only on its specialization, Murphy has managed to maintain steady innovation in both design and distribution while continuing to emphasize customer service. The Murphy brand merged with EControls in 2004, a move that broadened the company's product catalogue and boosted production capabilities all around.

Today, Murphy continues to manufacture many of the products that it has come to be known for; however, most of those products have been modernized or upgraded in some way, shape, or form. That includes pieces, parts, and hardware mostly falling into the electronics and instrumentation categories, such as the brand's trademarked Tattletale switch and 15T timer switch. Both of these products — and several others like them — are part of the company's most successful product lineups.

We at FindItParts have organized over 50 of Murphy's best components and accessories into a searchable, scrollable list complete with pictures and cross-references (where applicable) to make finding the right product for you as easy as possible.

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MURPHY EL150K1 l150 series liquid level swichgage MURPHY PV101C pv101-c (78700439) : powerview™ display module MURPHY 10702097 temperature gauge/switch 180-350 12ft MURPHY 15-70-0500 fuel gauge MURPHY L1200 electric float switch (15700060) MURPHY 05-70-1858 pressure sender MURPHY EGS21F12 switch gauge - fuel w/std wire harness MURPHY 25700169 12v magnetic switch MURPHY 15700060 l1200 electric float switch () MURPHY 78700609 display unit pv380-r2 MURPHY 25DPG-30-D3795- differential pressure gauge MURPHY OS77D-NCRC overspeed switch MURPHY 15-70-0506 switch gauge - fuel w/std wire harness MURPHY MEC301-1-TR interface module MURPHY 25VWCG-50-D3794- vacuum gauge MURPHY 761APH30-24 relay - tattletale time delay MURPHY 20T250-16-1/2 temp swichgage MURPHY 20T350-12-1/2 temperature gauge/switch 180-350 12ft MURPHY EGS21T250-12 gauge - water temp MURPHY 78700244 display - engine & diagnostic pv101 MURPHY 05-70-4453 MURPHY 05-35-1273 MURPHY 1002-2608 piston MURPHY 1002-6909 bearing MURPHY 78350187 combination meter rpm/pressure/temp/volt for isuzu MURPHY 25-35-0209 relay MURPHY 05704288 gauge oil pressure MURPHY 05-70-4255 gauge MURPHY PVA20C24A gauge - voltmeter 24v MURPHY A20T-320-12 temperature gauge/switch 160-320f MURPHY 05351535 vacuum gauge MURPHY 78700003 display & diagnostic module w/deutsch connector MURPHY 10703193 temperature gauge/switch 160-320f MURPHY 25700203 relay - tattletale time delay MURPHY 10706150 gauge temp switch 300-440 50ft MURPHY 20700117 switch overspeed hd9063 MURPHY 1002-2181 sleeve MURPHY 00-00-2620 temperature gauge MURPHY 05-70-8169 gauge - eng oil pressure MURPHY 05351534 differential pressure gauge MURPHY 20P100 pressure guage MURPHY 760A60-12 relay switch 60 sec delay MURPHY 10703566 gauge temp 2-1/2 250dg 10 ft c MURPHY MP3298 (20700162): magnetic pickup MURPHY 760A30-12 12v magnetic switch MURPHY 78350207 display MURPHY 20700162 magnetic speed sensor MURPHY 10702048 temperature switch/gauge MURPHY 1002-6582 flange MURPHY 1002-0660 tie bolt MURPHY OPL-FG-OS-5000 slump indicator gauge MURPHY 20TGI-320F-3M-1/2NPT gauge - mechanical transmission temperature MURPHY 209-300 gauge oil 05-35-399;20-p MURPHY 78700101 gauge - voltmeter 24v MURPHY EGS21F24 switch gauge - fuel w/egs surge wire harness MURPHY 15-70-0507 switch gauge - fuel w/egs surge wire harness MURPHY 05-70-5669 level indicator MURPHY 10-70-2013 temperature sender 1/2in npt 300 deg f max MURPHY 78350199 coolant temp gauge MURPHY ES2T250/300-1/2 sender temperature 250-300 psi MURPHY 78700436 display panel - pv450 MURPHY 1002-2621 piston MURPHY 1002-8724 sleeve MURPHY 05351101 slump indicator gauge MURPHY 05-70-4476 gauge - oil pressure MURPHY 65700258 mini siren pulse tone sah-a MURPHY 78-35-0040 display MURPHY 20BPG100 20bpg-100 05703161 b-series pressure gage® MURPHY 1A39-142 injector MURPHY EG21VM24 volt meter MURPHY TL7-12N flashing alarm light - panel mount MURPHY MDDM20-C display & diagnostic module w/deutsch connector MURPHY 20-75-0168 MURPHY 20T220-6-1/2 gauge switch