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Not to be confused with Murphy Manufacturing, FW Murphy Production Controls — a.k.a. Murphy — is a producer and manufacturer of instrumentation and control hardware, accessories, and components for a variety of industries. With nearly a century of innovation under its belt, Murphy has produced a large number of high-quality products that have secured it a great reputation in the world of trucking.

Murphy has been active in the transportation industry since the company's inception in the mid 1900s. By narrowing the scope of the brand's manufacturing process and focusing only on its specialization, Murphy has managed to maintain steady innovation in both design and distribution while continuing to emphasize customer service. The Murphy brand merged with EControls in 2004, a move that broadened the company's product catalogue and boosted production capabilities all around.

Today, Murphy continues to manufacture many of the products that it has come to be known for; however, most of those products have been modernized or upgraded in some way, shape, or form. That includes pieces, parts, and hardware mostly falling into the electronics and instrumentation categories, such as the brand's trademarked Tattletale switch and 15T timer switch. Both of these products — and several others like them — are part of the company's most successful product lineups.

We at FindItParts have organized over 50 of Murphy's best components and accessories into a searchable, scrollable list complete with pictures and cross-references (where applicable) to make finding the right product for you as easy as possible.