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When it comes to clearing large shrubs or land of trees, no other tool has been more relied upon for generations than the Hydro-Ax. Introduced in 1965, the Hydro-Ax is a single-brush mower that can be mounted onto a tractor to shred trees and underbrush as mulch quickly. Designed initially to clear rights of way for power lines, the Hydro-Ax promptly became a popular tool, especially in forestry and land clearing applications. The attachment was particularly effective at making trails and walking paths as well as preparing land for fence installations. It can cut down trees, shrubs, and bushes within minutes without disturbing the surrounding vegetation. The Hydro-Ax can also be used to mulch large trees by chopping the trunk and shredding the felled tree and stump.

Compared to more modern mulching tractors and attachments, the Hydro-Ax has more moving parts that are more susceptible to wear and damage. Plus, given the age of most Hydro-Ax attachments used today, they require more frequent inspections and maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. But once they break down, it's crucial to have the damaged components replaced not only immediately but also with OE-compatible parts. Using subpar parts may compromise the Hydro-Ax, rendering it inefficient or even dangerous to operate.

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