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Heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles require periodic maintenance to keep their parts and systems working at their peak condition at all times. When one or more parts fail, the impact can be costly—unexpected downtime, untimely deliveries, reduced productivity, and loss of profit. That is why before simple truck issues turn worst, deal with them right away by regularly servicing your fleet and following a consistent maintenance schedule.

With the myriad of aftermarket truck parts being sold today, you may think that all parts are the same, but they’re not. Although it’s quite tempting to buy really cheap parts to save money, they will actually cost you more in the long run because they don’t last as long as the premium-quality parts. So, when it comes to replacement parts and accessories for your fleet, go only for a trusted brand like BWP-NSI.

BWP-NSI is a reliable supplier of new suspension, brake, and wheel-end components as well as other replacement parts for major heavy duty trucks and trailers manufacturers. Its history can be traced back to 1996 when NSI or Network Sales Incorporated started doing business from its 10,000 sq. ft. rented warehouse in Washington, Missouri. Over the years, the company’s business operations have expanded tremendously requiring NSI to purchase bigger warehouse space in New Haven, Missouri.

In 2013, NSI purchased BWP (Brake and Wheel Parts), a Chicago-based supplier of brakes and wheel-end components. All of BWP's inventory has been added to the NSI product line, and its shipping has been moved to NSI's facilities in Missouri. The company now goes by the name BWP-NSI.


BWP-NSI is dedicated to providing quality parts at reasonable prices. From its well-stocked warehouses in St. Claire and New Haven, Missouri, the company ensures its customers get their needed BWP-NSI parts right when they need them and at prices that they can surely afford. The two main product categories of BWP-NSI are as follows:

Springs & Suspension Components

When people think of truck performance, they normally think of horsepower, torque, and acceleration. But all of the power generated by the engine is useless if the driver can’t control the vehicle. That’s why fleet owners and commercial vehicle operators must also keep an eye on their fleet’s suspension system.

The job of the truck suspension system is to provide steering ability with good handling, maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface, and ensure passenger comfort. It is composed of many different components, such as the leaf springs, all critical to its overall performance. That’s why when it’s time to get a replacement, be sure to get only from BWP-NSI.

BWP-NSI offers a wide selection of springs and suspension components for major truck and trailer brands. Here are some of the most sought-after products under this category:

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs, which are commonly found in the truck’s rear suspension, primarily work by supporting the weight of the vehicle. They also help maintain the truck tire's grip on the road, and they regulate the wheelbase lengths when the vehicle is speeding up or slowing down. When the leaf springs go bad, the common signs you’ll notice are squeaky sounds when your truck is in motion, slouching on one side, sagging at the back, trouble hauling or towing loads, and diminished handling.

Air Springs

More fleet owners now use air suspension systems in their trucks because of their advantages: driver comfort, less wear and tear, better efficiency, load versatility, and environmental benefits. And one of the key components of this system is the air spring. The air spring is designed to provide truckers a smooth ride by allowing the vehicle to raise its body for off-road clearance and lower it for higher-speed road driving. Three main common symptoms of a bad air spring include a bouncy ride, a sagging suspension, and bottoming out.

Shock Absorbers

Along with smoothening out bumps and vibrations, the main function of the shock absorber is to ensure that truck tires are in contact with the road at all times. It is a critical safety component as it provides steering stability while the truck is in motion. When it starts to malfunction, the clear signs include vibrations while driving, uneven tire wear, leaking fluid, and longer stopping distance.

Brake, Wheel End, and Miscellaneous Products

BWP-NSI also supplies a vast range of brake, wheel end, and miscellaneous products to help meet its customers’ needs. For your braking system, you can find the following parts under this product category:

Brake Rotors

The brake rotor is designed to turn motion into thermal energy. It works hand-in-hand with the brake pads to stop your truck. Because of its crucial function, it deteriorates over time. To know when it’s time to get a new one, be wary of these signs: too much vibration, squealing or squeaking noise, and visible surface cracks.

Brake Pads

The brake pads are the ones responsible for contacting and applying pressure and friction to the truck’s brake rotors. The friction and pressure applied to the brake rotor are what slow and stop the wheels. But just like the rotors, these brake components need replacing over time too. The telltale signs of worn brake pads include a screeching sound when the driver applies the brakes or the vehicle pulls to one side.

Brake Camshafts

Brake camshafts are integral parts of the brake linkage for heavy duty truck air brakes. They function mainly by spreading the brake shoes apart so they would press against the brake drum. This allows the wheels to slow down or completely stop. To know if it’s time to replace your brake system’s camshafts, here are six signs to watch out for: active check engine light, loud ticking or tapping sounds, metal debris in the engine oil, cylinder misfire, increased emissions as a result of misfiring, and visible signs of damage.

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