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BWP-NSI Best Sellers

BWP-NSI stands for Brakes and Wheel Parts - Network Sales Incorporated. Knowing that, what this manufacturer produces becomes pretty self-evident: pieces, parts, and hardware for brakes and wheel systems. But there's a lot more to this company than just that.

Network Sales Incorporated manufactures a wide range of different products for heavy-duty trucking, as well as other applications. The company produces engine parts and accessories; hardware for axle maintenance, repair, and upgrade; suspension and steering pieces; and parts and hardware for trailers.

BWP-NSI hasn't been around for nearly as long as a few other companies in the automotive industry, but that hasn't stopped the company from rising to fame among truckers in North America. Network Sales Incorporated was founded in 1996. During its short history, the company increased its warehouse space to 21 times what it started with, exponentially expanded its distribution network, and has made constant changes to its managerial and support systems.

Today, Network Sales Incorporated offers the largest full line of leaf springs and suspensions in the American midwest, outpacing the production and distribution capabilities of its competitors in the region. In order to keep customers loyal, the brand also offers one of the best service and return warranties in the industry, managed by a team of dedicated support and customer service personnel. Every single piece, part, or hardware you purchase from the BWP-NSI brand comes with a 12-month, unlimited milage warranty.