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NEWSTAR Best Sellers

NewStar is a subsidy brand of S&S Trucks, one of the world's largest distributors of aftermarket pieces, parts, and hardware for trucks. NewStar is the company's brand of vehicle components intended for use in upgrading, repairing, or otherwise modifying medium- and heavy-duty trucks. When truckers aren't satisfied with their original equipment manufacturer's specifications, they turn to NewStar for support.

S&S Trucks was founded in the 1950s in order to provide better service for medium- and heavy-duty trucks on the market, especially when it came to distribution. The company then created the NewStar brand in order to manufacturer parts with a higher level of quality than could be found in many other parts on the market.

Nowadays, NewStar produces options in many of the fastest-selling categories on the market. That includes air conditioning and heating systems, suspension and steering systems, and just about everything in between. NewStar also produces many of the accessories necessary to make those products work on your vehicle, in order to solve the compatibility problem faced by so many other aftermarket parts.

Like many of the brands that we at FindItParts carry, NewStar prides itself on its high level of customer service. In order to stay competitive in the ever-changing transportation economy, NewStar has recently made a commitment to the development of cutting edge digital tools, making it easier to access NewStar support in a modernizing world.