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Founded in 1974, James King & Co. Inc. is a privately held company that manufactures motor vehicle parts and accessories. Its comprehensive product line-up includes highway safety reflectors and warning triangles, mud flaps and accessories, dock bumpers and wheel chocks, and security and record boxes. All these products are engineered in an ISO 9001-certified injection molding facility that's equipped with a 10-ton overhead crane for handling large molds. And since the company uses 11 molding machines ranging from 110 tons to 880 tons, it can accommodate different injection molding services simultaneously, including those that require a large volume of these James King Co products. 

The rubber mud flaps are among the most popular products being offered by James King Co. Whether you drive a light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty truck, there's a right James King Co mud flap for you. Simply choose from the different types available such as standard, plain, heavy duty, dump truck flap, or universal. Whatever it is that you pick, it will surely not let you down in defending your vehicle from rocks, water, dirt, and grime because it's from a trusted brand. 

James King Co trailer side flaps are also among the company’s most sought-after heavy duty truck parts and accessories. Fleet owners and truck operators find these an effective way to improve their vehicles' fuel economy. They help reduce the drag area by guiding air around the sides and the back of the trailer, resulting in 1 to more than 5 percent fuel savings. These, too, come in different types, including rubber, heavy duty rubber, and standard rubber.

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