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Recognized as the number one automotive filter brand in the US, Fram continues to manufacture high-performance air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and other accessories such as crankcase and PCV valves. It uses only state-of-the-art process control and automated inspection equipment to ensure each of these Fram parts is made on time and meets the highest quality OE standards. 

Fram can trace back its roots more than 85 years ago when chemists, Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldham, invented an oil filtering element that's easy to install, clean, and change. Over the years, Franklin and Aldham, whose last names were combined to form the name Fram, had developed new types of filters. These filters, such as gasoline filters and air filters, were used not just on cars but also on trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty applications. It was in 1937 when Fram introduced the first oil filter for trucks known as the F2, and just a year after, it released the F40 oil filter that's specifically designed for heavy duty use. 

It took a lot of hard work for Fram to become what it is today—a global market leader in filtering technology. Just recently, it launched its new advertising campaign with the tagline, "Filter out the Nonsense." Indeed, with Fram, you are certainly at the right place with the right filters at the right price—and yes, no other brand compares. 

High-quality and reasonably priced Fram products are precisely the reason why you're here at FinditParts. If Fram is not afraid to take on big jobs, neither are we. Place your order with us here today!