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About Fleet Engineers

Are you a fleet owner or manager looking for the best side skirts, mud flaps, and fenders to better protect your fleet? Fleet Engineers has built a solid reputation in producing all these products for more than 50 years. It is one of the leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of value-added product line solutions, including aerodynamics and various truck and trailer parts and accessories for the trucking industry.

In 2018, Tramec Sloan—a leading manufacturer and supplier of air, electric, fittings, and mechanical components—acquired Fleet Engineers. This move was made to offer both companies’ existing customers a diversified American-made product line for commercial vehicle applications. Tramec Sloan decided to operate Fleet Engineers as an autonomous division out of the latter’s Muskegon, Michigan facility. This paved the way for Fleet Engineers to serve its customers better, expand its reach, and position the company under the Tramec Sloan brand as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of commercial vehicle components nationwide.

Today, Fleet Engineers remains committed to delivering solutions that help optimize fleet operations. Its team of industry-best professionals remains focused on continually improving and expanding its product lines to meet customers' changing needs. It also continues to revolutionize its manufacturing processes to ensure only the highest-quality products come out of its warehousing facilities across North America.

Fleet Engineers Parts

Proudly designed and built in the USA, Fleet Engineers parts meet the stringent quality standards to keep your fleet on the road longer. One of its specialties is aerodynamics. Fleet Engineers believes that the less drag your fleet creates, the less fuel you consume. So, the company works hand-in-hand with Henry Albert, a fuel economy expert, to offer its customers a comprehensive line of innovative aerodynamic solutions that help improve mileage and safety.

Side Skirts

If you want to save fuel, then outfit your fleet with the Fleet Engineers side skirts. These side skirts are available in two versions: the AeroSaver® and the AeroSaver® Classic. Both offer quick, trouble-free installation and repair so your fleet can get back on the road in no time.

AeroSaver® Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirt

Made with polypropylene and fiberglass panels, the AeroSaver® aerodynamic trailer side skirt is lightweight and rigid to prevent movement and flexible to ensure it yields when driving in harsh conditions. It averages up to 6" of additional ground clearance than standard side skirts, offering a reduced risk of damage without affecting performance. It is also designed to reduce drag from the trailer's underside, providing you up to 7% of fuel savings. And since this product comes in three panels, installation is quick and easy on a 53′ trailer.

AeroSaver® Classic Side Skirt

The AeroSaver® classic side skirt is made of lightweight aluminum construction and RoadKote hardware for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. It offers fuel savings of up to 6% and ease of installation, thanks to Fleet Engineers’ unique Quick Mount brackets and Skirt Trak rail technology. It has a flexible bottom extrusion to prevent premature damage, and it is made even more flexible to accommodate not just 53′ trailer but also 48’ trailer lengths.

Mud Flaps

Fleet Engineers help protect your fleet from mud, rocks, water, and other debris while on the road with its AeroFlap™ mud flap product line. It offers both fuel efficiency and safety while providing a more enhanced look. It is designed to allow air to flow through and not just into the mudflap, and it is available in two models, 19” and 24”, to accommodate wide base or dual single tire configurations.

AeroFlap® AF-19 Series Aerodynamic Mud Flap

Specifically designed for wide-base tires, the AF-19 features unique pattern channels airflow in different directions to reduce drag, saving fuel in the process. It also helps reduce maintenance costs and creates a safer environment for everyone on the road by reducing spray instead of smashing water droplets. Available in black or white, this model can be purchased in 24″ and 30″ lengths.

AeroFlap® AF-24 Series Aerodynamic Mud Flap

The AF-24 Series shares the same features as the AF-19, only that this is primarily designed for traditional dual tire configurations. Also available in black or white, this can be purchased in 24″, 30″, and 36″ lengths.

Belly Panels and Quarter Fenders

Protect your trailer’s undercarriage and improve its aerodynamic performance with Fleet Engineers’ belly panels and quarter fenders. Manufactured to meet the most stringent quality requirements, these products are designed to deliver consistent performance while keeping your trailer on the road longer.

AeroPan Trailer Belly Panel

Fleet Engineers takes pride in its line of AeroPan trailer belly panels because it helps reduce drag and protects the cross members when a tire blowout occurs. It is made using a 16-gauge high-performance aluminum, and it offers a universal fit for quick, hassle-free installation onto trailer cross members.

Aero Slipper Poly ASP-25 Series Quarter Fenders

Equip your trailer with the ASP-25 Series quarter fenders from Fleet Engineers for superior aerodynamic performance. These fenders are designed with a short support tube, and they have a lighter weight than standard metal quarter fenders. They also feature a one-piece molded design to move water away from the tires, and they have a textured fender surface to prevent dings and scratches.

AeroSlipper® Classic ASC-24 Series Quarter Fender

Just like the ASP-25 Series, the ASC-24 Series also comes with a short support tube for superior aerodynamic performance. It features a heavy-duty reinforcement plate that helps support the fender from the underside without the need for braces or brackets. And since it is made using stainless 18-gauge steel and has an attractive smooth, curved surface, it offers maximum strength and an enhanced appearance at the same time.

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