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The name Sunex Tools is a play on the word "express." This company produces a wide variety of tools and hardware for use in the transportation, mining, marine, and agriculture industries as well as just about anywhere else where you might need mechanical equipment.

Sunex was founded in 1977 to satisfy a growing demand for impact sockets. At first, manufacturing impact sockets was just about all that the company did. However, over the decades that followed, a lot would change. In response to rising demand for tools and hardware, Sunex soon broke out into that industry and specialized in three key market segments: automotive aftermarket, industrial, and commercial.

Today, you can find Sunex tools just about anywhere in the world. Part of the reason for that is the fact that Sunex tools are designed to be as versatile as possible, with the company priding itself on the high-quality and long-lasting nature of its products. In addition to the impact sockets that made the brand as famous as it is today, Sunex manufactures lifting equipment, hand tools, air tools, tool storage devices, and hydraulic presses.

We carry Sunex Tools parts ranging 17 unique categories, each covering a different function than the one before. That includes common, everyday needs like power tools and hand tools as well as less common but still important abrasives and solvents. All you need to do is select the category that contains the product you're looking for and check out the hundreds of products that Sunex has to offer.