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Heavy duty truck drivers don't have to face terrible working conditions during summer. With Mastercool airconditioning tools, service items and HVAC products, repair and maintenance of heavy duty vehicle's A/C system are made easier for automotive professionals and service technicians.

Headquartered in Randolph, NJ, Mastercool has been producing high-quality A/C service tools and equipment to the HVAC industry for over 35 years. From the product design to the strict production and testing methods, every manufacturing step that the company employs is carried out with a focus on "World Class Quality." It has expanded its operations by opening offices and distribution centers in over 60 countries, including Belgium, Brazil, and Australia, so it makes sure its products meet world-class quality standards.

Mastercool is known for its RRR machines, which are used for recovering, recycling, and recharging vehicle A/C systems with new refrigerant. It has recently launched its new Arctic Commander series that comes standard with an 8" color touchscreen command center, offering easy navigation to all product functions and features. Each model also features Wi-FI capability, a powerful windows-based tablet, an onboard conversion calculator, a self-diagnostic check, and a pre-installed team viewer program that Mastercool technicians can access to assist with any troubleshooting issues.

To remove all contamination from the A/C system, Mastercool proudly offers its HVAC and automotive flushing products, which include the Mastercool A/C Quick Flush, A/C Flush Solvent, and A/C System Flush Kit. These products are non-corrosive, non-flammable, and ready to use.

Take your A/C system repair and maintenance to the next level with Mastercool automotive and HVAC products. No need to search further as we've got a comprehensive list of Mastercool parts right here at FinditParts.