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Heavy duty truck drivers don't have to face terrible working conditions during summer. With Mastercool airconditioning tools, service items and HVAC products, repair and maintenance of heavy duty vehicle's A/C system are made easier for automotive professionals and service technicians.

Headquartered in Randolph, NJ, Mastercool has been producing high-quality A/C service tools and equipment to the HVAC industry for over 35 years. From the product design to the strict production and testing methods, every manufacturing step that the company employs is carried out with a focus on "World Class Quality." It has expanded its operations by opening offices and distribution centers in over 60 countries, including Belgium, Brazil, and Australia, so it makes sure its products meet world-class quality standards.

Mastercool is known for its RRR machines, which are used for recovering, recycling, and recharging vehicle A/C systems with new refrigerant. It has recently launched its new Arctic Commander series that comes standard with an 8" color touchscreen command center, offering easy navigation to all product functions and features. Each model also features Wi-FI capability, a powerful windows-based tablet, an onboard conversion calculator, a self-diagnostic check, and a pre-installed team viewer program that Mastercool technicians can access to assist with any troubleshooting issues.

To remove all contamination from the A/C system, Mastercool proudly offers its HVAC and automotive flushing products, which include the Mastercool A/C Quick Flush, A/C Flush Solvent, and A/C System Flush Kit. These products are non-corrosive, non-flammable, and ready to use.

Take your A/C system repair and maintenance to the next level with Mastercool automotive and HVAC products. No need to search further as we've got a comprehensive list of Mastercool parts right here at FinditParts.

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MASTERCOOL 691234YF-MINI identifier for r1234yf refrigerant MASTERCOOL 71201-001A-R total repair kit for 71475, 71480, 71300, 71400, 71450, 72475, 72480, 72300, 72400, 72450 MASTERCOOL 90612-2V110B 12 cfm dual voltage vacuum pump (two stage) MASTERCOOL 21200-SW switch for 1200 cfm blower fan MASTERCOOL 91049-32 a/c flush solvent, 32 oz MASTERCOOL 1310-005 gm puller MASTERCOOL 1310-003 puller MASTERCOOL 72485-PRC universal hydraulic flaring tool set w/ blue handle 3/8” & 1/2” gm transmission cooling line die MASTERCOOL 91002 gm and ford orifice tube remover/installer MASTERCOOL 71097-01 45° flaring cone MASTERCOOL 85210 stem assembly w/ nut and knobs (2 set) MASTERCOOL 82634 1/4” ffl x 1/2” acme-m straight adapter MASTERCOOL 85215 4 pc. o-rings for aluminum manifolds MASTERCOOL 90375 2 oz. 1/4" ffl x 1/4" oil injector r-12 MASTERCOOL 43300-H hose for pump with coupler MASTERCOOL 71098 37 degree flaring & double flaring adapter set MASTERCOOL 85253-E replacement lens for 2-1/2" gauge MASTERCOOL 71098-01 37° cone MASTERCOOL 98772 dual brass manifold gauge set MASTERCOOL 52234-BT digital thermometer/hygrometer with bluetooth® wireless technology MASTERCOOL 71098-03 3/16” double flare adapter MASTERCOOL 82375 1/2” acme-m x 1/2” acme-f standard oil injector MASTERCOOL 69100 complete a/c recovery system — mobile MASTERCOOL 91339 automotive r12 & r134a o-ring assortment MASTERCOOL 98373 r-134a coupler conversion kit MASTERCOOL 71500-6SRB die set - #6 (5/16”) (reduced barrier) MASTERCOOL 85211 low side knob- blue MASTERCOOL 53312-B replacement bulb for uv mini light MASTERCOOL 85530 3-in-1 side mount can tap valve MASTERCOOL 92311 deluxe orifice tube service kit MASTERCOOL 52224-A-SP 12:1 infrared thermometer w/ laser w/ free 52220 MASTERCOOL 82633 1/2" acme-m x 1/2" acme-m MASTERCOOL 91334-A r12/r134a charging hose replacement parts assortment MASTERCOOL 90454 gm clutch remover plate MASTERCOOL COMD2-FLTRPK filter pack for commanders dryer sys MASTERCOOL 91490 standard valve core remover / installer MASTERCOOL 72029 "reduced friction" ball bearing tube cutter 1/8" to 1-1/8" MASTERCOOL 67010 blue 1/2” acme 30 lb. d.o.t-approved recovery cylinder with float switch MASTERCOOL 98230 charging solenoid module MASTERCOOL 70029 triple chrome plated tubing cutter MASTERCOOL 81290 r134a universal large bore remover MASTERCOOL 53518-UV rechargeable uv flashlight MASTERCOOL 69843SF-HA commander 4000 system flush hose assembly MASTERCOOL 43300-2 steel #2 adapter MASTERCOOL 52225-MED multi-function medical/surface infrared thermometer MASTERCOOL 71205 5/16" push-connect adapter MASTERCOOL 71097-05 5/16" 45 degree & double flaring adapter MASTERCOOL 90925 condenser fin comb MASTERCOOL 91000A deluxe a/c clutch hub puller/installer kit MASTERCOOL 71550 manual a/c hose crimper MASTERCOOL 58490-377 standard valve core remover/installer MASTERCOOL 58490-768 eaton r134a low side valve core remover/installer MASTERCOOL 8375-A hose for 82375 MASTERCOOL 52225-A-SP 30 1 laser thermometer MASTERCOOL 82634-M 1/4” fl-f 7/16-20” x 1/2” acme-m r134a connector MASTERCOOL 282934 female low side coupler MASTERCOOL 71099-16 die for gm transmissioncoolin MASTERCOOL 56200 raptor refrigerant leak detector with uv blue light MASTERCOOL 69391 spark free twin turbo r1234yf contaminated refrigerant recovery machine MASTERCOOL 90068-2V110B 8 cfm 2stage vacuum pump MASTERCOOL 90042 dual o-ring joint removal tool MASTERCOOL 90066-B-SF 6 cfm single stage vacuum pump - spark free MASTERCOOL 42010-10 1/4" sae gasket for charging hoses MASTERCOOL 66010 50lb d.o.t. supply tank w/o fl MASTERCOOL 43013 vac type cooling sys filler ki MASTERCOOL 82934 low-side manual r134a 14mm-f x 13mm quick coupler MASTERCOOL 55900 intellasense ii refrigerant leak detector MASTERCOOL 90499 universal clutch holding tool MASTERCOOL 58490 universal r12/r134a master kit MASTERCOOL 71406 3/8" gm fuel line adapter MASTERCOOL 0768-001 schrader valve xxx MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC universal hydraulic flaring tool set with tube cutter MASTERCOOL 71097-16 3/8" 45 degree & double flaring die set MASTERCOOL 98210A accu-charge ii electronic refrigerant scale MASTERCOOL 71097-13 3/16" 45 degree & double flaring die set MASTERCOOL 91337 r12 and r134a valve core repair kit MASTERCOOL 89660-PRO5 automotive r134a 2-way manifold gauge set MASTERCOOL 71216 3/8" push-connect die set MASTERCOOL 43300-1 hand-held pump MASTERCOOL 90066-B 6 cfm single stage vacuum pump MASTERCOOL 70082 refrigeration ratchet wrench MASTERCOOL 90262 3 piece manual shut-off valve adapter set MASTERCOOL 91212 clutch plate remover MASTERCOOL 53515 mach iv flexible uv light MASTERCOOL 52225-B ultra temp dual laser thermome MASTERCOOL 53585 mach iv uv leak detection kit MASTERCOOL 52224-CC laser ir thermometer MASTERCOOL 92709-YF-32 zerol hd 46 r1234yf mobile air conditioning compressor lubricant 32oz bottle MASTERCOOL 67434 high side r1234yf quick coupler MASTERCOOL 85510-YF 1234yf 1/2" acme lh valve MASTERCOOL 70138 replacement cutting wheel MASTERCOOL 84661 r134a brass manifold 60" hoses MASTERCOOL 82834-SL high side manual r134a safety lock coupler 14mm-f x 16mm MASTERCOOL 71475-16M 6mm metric bubble flaring die set MASTERCOOL 83272 r1234yf manifold gauge set MASTERCOOL 85512 1/2 self sealing can tap r134a MASTERCOOL 90010-6 vacuum pump oil 10 oz. case of six MASTERCOOL 53376-YF visual sight glass r1234yf MASTERCOOL 53513-UV â® mini true uv flashlight MASTERCOOL 285500-001 high side gauge MASTERCOOL 56400 complete electronic and uv leak detection kit MASTERCOOL 90066SFKIT dual r134a and r1234yf evacuation and charging combo kit MASTERCOOL 71415 5/16" gm fuel line die set MASTERCOOL 41362 36" yellow standard charging hose with 1/4” sae standard fitting MASTERCOOL 83341-10 14mm-m o-ring for charging hoses MASTERCOOL 82635 1/2” acme-f x 1/4” fl 7/16-20” -m r134a adapter coupler MASTERCOOL 71097-18 1/2" 45 degree & double flaring die set MASTERCOOL 71475-4M 4.75mm metric bubble flaring adapter MASTERCOOL 71475-14M 4.75mm metric bubble flaring die set MASTERCOOL 91046A a/c system flush kit MASTERCOOL 98660-PROM dual aluminum 2-way manifold with can tap valve MASTERCOOL 82934-E low-side manual r134a 1/4" fl-m x 13mm quick coupler MASTERCOOL 98134 r134a low side octagon socket MASTERCOOL 70027 mini tube cutter for 1/8 to 5/8" o.d. tubing MASTERCOOL 90264-72 72" yellow standard charging hose with 1/4” sae manual shut-off valve fitting MASTERCOOL 285211 blue low side knob MASTERCOOL 285212 red knot MASTERCOOL 91092A flash gun assembly w/ rubber tip MASTERCOOL 86500 high side 3-1/8” gauge for r134a MASTERCOOL 45723 72" red standard charging hose with 1/4” sae automatic shut-off valve fitting MASTERCOOL 82834 high side manual r134a 14mm-f x 16mm coupler MASTERCOOL 58490-YF universal r1234yf master kit MASTERCOOL 71416 3/8" gm fuel line die set MASTERCOOL 89661-UV aluminum 2-way manifold and mini dye injector with manual coupler MASTERCOOL 89661-AYF r1234yf/r134a aluminum manifold gauge set MASTERCOOL 43708 radiator combustion gas test adapter MASTERCOOL 85535 134a recharge kit for depressor style cans MASTERCOOL 43014 vacuum-type coolings systems filler kit MASTERCOOL 43707 combustion gas leak tester kit MASTERCOOL 58490-378 gm large bore valve core remover/installer assembly MASTERCOOL 71405 5/16" gm fuel line adapter MASTERCOOL 82374 13mm-m x 13mm-f low-side coupler easy connect oil injector MASTERCOOL 71097-03 3/16" 45 degree & double flaring adapter MASTERCOOL 53351 high intensity mini light professional uv leak detector kit case not included MASTERCOOL 98661-PRO dual r134a/r12 manifold gauge set with manual couplers MASTERCOOL 82214 high-side e-z snap™ r134a 14 mm-f x 16mm quick coupler MASTERCOOL 53123 refillable universal dye injector MASTERCOOL 53909 master leak shield mini dye injector MASTERCOOL 81490 r-134a valve core remover/installer MASTERCOOL 55975 intella sense iii – combustible gas leak detector MASTERCOOL 72450 flaring tool set MASTERCOOL 43050 air powered brake caliper wind back tool kit MASTERCOOL 83934 low side r1234yf coupler MASTERCOOL 58490-769 eaton r134a high side valve core shaft MASTERCOOL 90458 a/c clutch plate installer MASTERCOOL 52220 1" dial analog pocket thermometer MASTERCOOL 91011 clutch plate remover MASTERCOOL 52227 pocket infrared therm -67 - 42 MASTERCOOL 53312 uv flash light 50 watt MASTERCOOL 92310 universal orifice service kit Browse more...