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Also known as Lock Technology Inc., LTI Tools is a tool manufacturer specializing in lock picks and tool sockets for automotive, locksmith, security, towing, and specialty markets. The company has been in the business for more than 30 years, providing both ordinary consumers and professional technicians with state-of-the-art tools to quickly and safely accomplish tasks. This dedication to innovation has earned LTI Tools consecutive PTEN Innovation awards and other accolades from the professional tool industry. The company is currently headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, with an extensive distribution network to cater to customers worldwide.

LTI Tools offers various tools to accomplish specialized tasks for your vehicle from precision lock-out kits to heavy-duty torque sockets. The tools are manufactured using the finest grade steel, polycarbonate, and other materials and are rigorously tested to ensure consistent performance and durability. LTI Tools products are designed for a slim, compact profile that allows them to be used in cramped and narrow spaces. Most tool kits also include a heavy-duty protective case for convenient storage and protection.

When you need to fix the locks on your car or deal with stripped lug nuts, LTI Tools offers a line of specialty products to help you get the done job right, and we've got these products right here. We at FinditParts take pride in having an extensive catalog of high-quality tools from LTI Tools for your shopping convenience. We offer the best deals on automotive tools and accessories online, and we ship your ordered products in your nominated address in no time. 

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LTI TOOLS 135 2 pc. easy access kit LTI TOOLS LT895 universal eaton truck brake spring tool LTI TOOLS 200 9 pc. lockout kit LTI TOOLS 450 deluxe master automotive lock-out tool kit LTI TOOLS 4000 deluxe hubcap & wheel lock removal kit LTI TOOLS LT1230 chrome cap buster kit LTI TOOLS 2510 19mm e-z loader lug nut socket LTI TOOLS LT-230 individ mag nut holder LTI TOOLS LT400-25 fluted dual sided twist socket LTI TOOLS LT994 shockit socket o2 sensor removal kit LTI TOOLS 1600M 3/4" dr. 475 ft/lbs truck extension LTI TOOLS LT135-3A 27-1/2" w/handl green LTI TOOLS 105 big jim LTI TOOLS LT-330 lock pick tension tool LTI TOOLS LT1500K 17mm 110 ft/lbs merc trq sckt LTI TOOLS LT-4700 13 piece twist socket damaged fastener removal system LTI TOOLS LT-1500-LWC 280 x 220 laminated wheet chrt LTI TOOLS 135-3C 7? tip rod LTI TOOLS 4515-D 15mm drive twist deep socket laser printing LTI TOOLS LT1350-6 drill bit - 5/8" - 16mm LTI TOOLS 4200A 1/2" drive dual sided twist socket lug nut remover LTI TOOLS 940 gas tank fuel pump removal and installation tool LTI TOOLS 770 dual piston brake press LTI TOOLS LT-106 gas cap pick up tool LTI TOOLS LT991-14 screw remover - m14x1.5 LTI TOOLS LT1350 lug ripper ii LTI TOOLS 1600N 3/4" dr. 250 ft/lbs truck extension LTI TOOLS 1000 18 pc. supreme master auto lock-out tool kit LTI TOOLS 1500C torque socket - 19mm-3/4" 100 ft. lbs gray LTI TOOLS 1500B torque sockets 21mm - 80 ft/lb orange LTI TOOLS LT4150 23 pc. vw/audi wheel lock key kit LTI TOOLS LT4160 21 pc. bmw wheel lock bolt kit LTI TOOLS LT1600R heavy duty 1" drive wheel truck extension 250 ft/lbs. LTI TOOLS 80A universal easy jim w/handle LTI TOOLS LT-400-16 chrysler cylinder LTI TOOLS LT-205 3/8" convert-a-chuck LTI TOOLS LT-210 1/4" convert-a-chuck LTI TOOLS 400-18 gm hub cap lock remover LTI TOOLS 4513-D deep twist socket LTI TOOLS LT135-3B 28-1/2" tip rod green LTI TOOLS 4400-35 13/16" twist socket locking lugnut remover LTI TOOLS 1500 8 pc. 1/2" drive torque limiting master socket set LTI TOOLS LT730 axle pin removal tool, magnetized tip, for all awd subaru trans-axle assemblies LTI TOOLS 1500-EE 1/2" dr 22mm 140 ft/lb torque socket LTI TOOLS 1510 10 pc. 1/2" drive torque limiting master socket set LTI TOOLS LT1470 7 piece 1/2" drive wheel torque extension kit LTI TOOLS 1240 21/21.5mm chrome cap buster LTI TOOLS 1400E 1/2" drive wheel torque extension blue 80 ft./lbs. LTI TOOLS 1400C 1/2" drive wheel torque extension gray 100 ft/lbs. LTI TOOLS 1400I 1/2" drive wheel torque extension white 120 ft/lbs. LTI TOOLS 1600P 1" dr. 475 ft/lbs truck extension LTI TOOLS 4400 twist socket systems for removing damaged fasteners LTI TOOLS 275 inflate-a-wedge™ lockout aid LTI TOOLS 4300 twist socket lugnut removal system LTI TOOLS 1400Q 1/2" drive wheel torque extension aqua 120 ft/lbs. LTI TOOLS 1250 1/2" drive flip socket lugnut removal tool 18.5/19.5mm chrome cap buster LTI TOOLS LT830A universal hub shocker LTI TOOLS LT1600W heavy duty 1" drive wheel truck extension 650 ft/lbs. LTI TOOLS LT1600Y heavy duty 1" drive wheel truck extension 550 ft/lbs. LTI TOOLS LT890 truck brake spring tool LTI TOOLS 1400BB orange torque ext 160ft lbs xxx LTI TOOLS 4512 3/8dr 12mm twist socket LTI TOOLS 1500BB 21mm 150ft/lb LTI TOOLS 620 37 pc. grand master lock pick set LTI TOOLS 1500Q torque sockets 7/8” 140 ft/lbs aqua LTI TOOLS LT-95 slide jim LTI TOOLS LT1560 4 piece 1/2" drive torque limiting socket set for light truck & suv LTI TOOLS LT1595 12 piece 1/2" drive torque limiting master socket set LTI TOOLS 2520 21mm e-z loader mag lug socket LTI TOOLS LT1500DD 21mm 100 ft/lbs torque LTI TOOLS 1400WC auto extension wall chart LTI TOOLS LT1800 4 piece offset impact driver set LTI TOOLS LT4996 17 piece foreign and domestic brake caliper socket kit LTI TOOLS LT855A texas twister air hammer pulling kit LTI TOOLS 1260 22/22.5mm chrome cap buster LTI TOOLS 4400-30 19mm-3/4 1/2dr. twist lock LTI TOOLS 1460 5 pc. 1/2" drive wheel torque extension kit LTI TOOLS 4240 5 pc. locking lugnut removal kit LTI TOOLS LT-4851 3/8" dr 8mm twist sckt LTI TOOLS LT-400-7 extrctr punch LTI TOOLS LT400-13 lrg dual sided sckt LTI TOOLS LT993 brake line/brake cylinder fitting re-threading kit LTI TOOLS 790 shape tip™ tool