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About Cummins

Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, Cummins is the world’s authority in diesel engines. With a portfolio that covers a swath of industries ranging from linehaul, commercial power, rail, agriculture, marine, and construction, millions of people around the world rely on Cummins engines to keep their businesses moving forward. The company is best known for its N Series engines, which were installed on more than half of heavy duty trucks in the United States in the postwar construction boom of the mid-20th century. Today, Cummins distributes not only engines but also filtration and power generation products. It has operations in over 190 countries and territories, with 58,000 staff and an extensive network of more than 60 distributors and approximately 7,400 dealer locations across the globe.

Durability - Cummins parts are built to last, keeping your vehicle on the road longer.

Proven Expertise - For over 100 years, Cummins has been creating power solutions engine manufacturers and fleet owners can depend on.

Innovation - This is Cummins's core vision to power your business's success.

Trusted - More customers rely on Cummins for their engine and engine parts needs.

Cummins Parts

Cummins specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacture of engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emissions, and electrical power generation. For the motor vehicle sector, Cummins parts and complete engine systems are available for heavy duty commercial vehicles, buses, mining, construction, and forestry vehicles.

Cummins Engines for Trucking

From delivery trucks to full-sized tractor-trailers, Cummins offers a comprehensive range of engine systems to help owners and operators get the most value out of their trucks.

Medium duty. Cummins takes pride in its vast range of engine solutions for medium duty trucks, ranging from conventional diesel engines to its Cummins Westport natural gas and near-zero emission engines. These engines are designed to maximize uptime and minimize fuel consumption. Fuel savings are a crucial focus for Cummins, with engines tuned to specific combustion ratios and enhanced turbo efficiency to deliver high torque within the critical RPM range. These result in an average fuel economy improvement of 8.5% for efficiency series engines than previous models. Some applications, such as pickup and delivery, can reach as high as a 13% improvement. Performance series engines also experience an average fuel economy increase of 5% and gains of up to 11% in specific duty cycles and applications. Backed by R&D, manufacturing, and testing processes developed over the course of more than 30 years, Cummins medium-duty engines have set the bar in the industry with a proven track record in the midrange lineup. So it’s no surprise that Cummins engines power more medium-duty trucks across North America than any other engine.

Heavy duty. Cummins’ heavy duty 15-liter and 12-liter engines are built for improved uptime, ease of operations, and a better return to the total cost of ownership. These engines are available in configurations that cater to the customer’s specific needs, whether it’s enhanced driver performance, power output, or less downtime at the shop. Cummins’ 12-liter engine offers efficiency and productivity for medium-bore engine applications that surpass that of 11- to 13-liter powertrains. In addition, these engines are designed with Cummins transmissions system in mind, resulting in the market’s lightest integrated powertrain option with maintenance intervals unsurpassed by the competition. For linehaul and regional haul applications, Cummins 15-liter engines deliver consistent performance for demanding applications. Customers can choose from models tuned for efficiency, productivity, and sheer power to meet various vocational and heavy haul applications. When it comes to heavy duty over-the-road powertrain solutions, Cummins sets the standard in the market.

Light commercial. Cummins’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) engine range is engineered to deliver exceptional, low-cost performance for light duty trucks, vans, pickups, and utility vehicles. These engines are optimized for fuel efficiency, low cost, and low emissions, which are in line with Cummins’ commitment to producing the cleanest diesel engines in the world.

Vocational. Whether it’s a refuse truck, concrete mixer, or dump truck, vocational vehicles don’t have an easy life. This is why Cummins vocational engines are built to meet the horsepower and torque needs of these hardworking vehicles and equipment. These engines are available in both diesel and natural gas options, giving customers flexibility in choosing the fuel that makes the most sense for their operations. Cummins engines also offer competitive maintenance intervals and decades of reliable performance for maximum value.

Cummins Engines for Bus

Whether it’s transporting kids to school or commuters to their workplace, Cummins bus engines are sturdy, reliable, and deliver consistent uptime to ensure safe and efficient transport.

Transit. Manufactured at its Rocky Mount facility in North Carolina, Cummins offers a range of 200-380hp engines for transit buses and similar vehicles. For local shuttle bus operations, Cummins’ hybrid models are a great fit. Authorities looking for alternative energy options can also choose from engines that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG), and renewable natural gas (RNG). Cummins transit engines also have unique features, including an advanced Single Module Aftertreatment System that provides better thermal management, easier maintenance, and a small profile for improved shuttle bus performance and fuel economy. Cummins natural gas engines also feature a maintenance-free three-way catalyst that uses an optimized natural gas and oxygen combustion ratio for an oxygen-free exhaust flow.

School bus. When it comes to a clean-running and reliable power source for your school bus fleet, you can never go wrong with Cummins. Produced entirely in its Columbus, IN and Rocky Mount, NC facilities, Cummins school bus engines meet or exceed 2017 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards. In addition to cleaner engines, Cummins also offers its Connected Diagnostics system that delivers real-time engine fault code analysis, a probable diagnosis, and recommended action for school buses fitted with telematics. School bus drivers already have more than enough on their plate to worry about engine fault codes, so in the event that one is triggered while driving, it can be diagnosed almost instantly over the air.

Electric buses. With more than 100 school districts switching to all-electric school buses, Cummins’ fleet of electric buses offers zero emissions and lower fuel costs. There are also fewer moving parts to deal with, no air and oil filter changes to remember, and smog checks to think about, drastically cutting down on service and maintenance. And with improved air quality and less noise in the neighborhood, these low-emission electric buses help the community breathe and live better.

Other Cummins Parts

Cummins strives to build strong relationships with engine manufacturers and fleet owners, so they can develop integrated solutions that best meet their needs. From aftertreatment and filtration to electronics, fuel systems, turbochargers, and air handling, this brand offers only the highest quality products that exceed customer expectations. Some of the products included in this product line are the Cummins turbocharger kits, Cummins fuel pump, and Cummins filters.

Featured Products (view all)

CUMMINS 3691476 engine crankcase breather element | breather element CUMMINS 147-0860 onan generator fuel filter CUMMINS 5566893 kit,exh rcn cooler CUMMINS 4307411NX electronic fuel control actuator | actuator, etr fuel control CUMMINS 5643241 speed sensor kit CUMMINS AF55020 qsf2.8 air filter CUMMINS 3163075 paint, apex red CUMMINS 5364177 wiring harness | wiring harness CUMMINS 5317164 fuel filler housing drain hose | fuel drain tube CUMMINS 3973511 engine oil filler cap | filler cap CUMMINS 3969822 quick disconnect connector | quick disconnect connector CUMMINS 3926103 12v fuel injector return line (94-98 5.9l) CUMMINS 4032772RX turbocharger variable geometry (vgt) actuator | kit, vg tur act service CUMMINS 3688843 fuel transfer tube CUMMINS 179901 fuel shut-off valve | fuel shutoff valve CUMMINS 3418284 fuel supply hose | fuel supply tube CUMMINS CC2825 engine coolant / antifreeze | es compleat eg premix 50/50 1 gal CUMMINS 4960214 engine oil filter adapter seal | oil filter head seal CUMMINS 4034315RX turbocharger actuator - kit | kit, turbocharger actuator CUMMINS 5405717 engine piston ring set | piston ring kit CUMMINS 3919683 timing pin housing | timing pin housing CUMMINS 5473173 engine water pump - kit | water pump kit CUMMINS 216484 engine oil dipstick | dipstick CUMMINS 5303604 fuel filter | kit, filter CUMMINS 3682229 accessory drive belt idler pulley | pulley idler CUMMINS 2864516 engine control module wiring harness | electronic control module wiring harness CUMMINS 2888173 doser injector | doser injector CUMMINS 3286733 engine oil pan | oil pan CUMMINS 4387305RX pump doser | pump, doser CUMMINS 4088712 engine coolant temperature sensor | temperature sensor CUMMINS 5473207RX kit,exh rcn valve CUMMINS 3094821 tbe,drn CUMMINS 4004381 pipe fitting | union, male CUMMINS 3412353 turbocharger drain tube - oil drain | tube, tur oil drain CUMMINS 3092066 multi-purpose hose | flexible hose CUMMINS 5362269 fuel transfer pump | fuel transfer pump CUMMINS LF17559 lube filter CUMMINS 4388378 diesel exhaust fluid filter | diesel exhaust fluid filter CUMMINS 4329681 aftertreatment device gasket | aftertreatment device gasket CUMMINS 5405829 engine piston kit | engine piston kit CUMMINS 5310989 ignition coil | ignition coil CUMMINS 3943874 manifold,exhaust CUMMINS 3683870 exhaust manifold | exhaust manifold CUMMINS 4926071 harness,etr cnt mdl wrg CUMMINS 3684361 assembly, doser shutoff CUMMINS 4941187 clutch flywheel | flywheel CUMMINS 5264245RX fuel pump | fuel pump CUMMINS 1611610C1 fan engine cooling nylon 28 diameter, 8 blade 7 pilot CUMMINS 5295117 accumulator | accumulator CUMMINS 4318952 turbocharger coolant supply line | turbocharger coolant supply tube CUMMINS 5579022 water pump kit CUMMINS 5468170 gear housing CUMMINS 5296003 reactor, decomposition CUMMINS 3682978 hose,flexible CUMMINS 5299153 electrical connectors | connector, elc repair CUMMINS 3903652 turbocharger v-band clamp | v band clamp CUMMINS 3910739 wheel bearing - ball | ball bearing CUMMINS 4934344 engine oil pan gasket | gasket, oil pan CUMMINS 4384340 sensor,humidity CUMMINS 3376891 tracing dye CUMMINS 3803894 seal kit | seal kit CUMMINS 3959068 water hose | water transfer tube CUMMINS 3686406 engine brake solenoid | engine brake solenoid CUMMINS 2897332 pressure temperature sensor CUMMINS 3685173 oil seals | oil seal CUMMINS 3102753 fuel filler housing drain hose | fuel drain tube CUMMINS 5301094RX air brake compressor - 1 cylinder | compressor, 1 cyl air CUMMINS 4393176 flywheel housing gasket | flywheel housing gasket CUMMINS 5283587 air distribution hose | air tube CUMMINS 5491993 position sensor CUMMINS 2897333 pressure temperature sensor CUMMINS FS1212 fuel/water separator spin-on CUMMINS 3685999 exhaust manifold | manifold, exhaust CUMMINS 3820470 engine cover | hand hole cover CUMMINS 4359134 pump tappet | pump tappet CUMMINS 3944961 engine crankcase breather element | breather, crankcase CUMMINS 3904630 solenoid kit | solenoid kit CUMMINS 5320319 exhaust pipe connector | exhaust outlet tube CUMMINS 4010077 check valve CUMMINS 100099 seal ring / washer - rectangular | seal, rectangular ring CUMMINS 3075269 sensor | sensor CUMMINS 4307226 pressure relief valve | pressure relief valve CUMMINS 5260632 fuel transfer pump CUMMINS 4988280 hydraulic pump gasket | hydraulic pump gasket CUMMINS 3943767 fuel injector fuel supply tube | tube, injector fuel supply CUMMINS 4938209 damper,rubber vibration CUMMINS 3935229 engine idler shaft | idler shaft CUMMINS 3922882 cov,clr CUMMINS 4942580 hose | hose, elbow CUMMINS 3687058 engine piston oil nozzle | piston cooling nozzle CUMMINS 3957942 screw | banjo connector screw CUMMINS 5273379 engine coolant thermostat | thermostat CUMMINS 2892720 engine oil tube | lubricating oil drain tube CUMMINS LF14000NN x15 nanonet lube filter CUMMINS 3061973 hed,res CUMMINS 4083006 water header cover gasket | gasket, water header cover CUMMINS 212161 seal ring / washer | o-ring seal CUMMINS 3970945 accessory drive belt idler pulley | idler pulley CUMMINS 4004815 tube,cpr water outlet CUMMINS 3916664 engine support bracket | engine support CUMMINS 4999877 gear housing gasket | gasket, gear housing CUMMINS 3283047 clutch flywheel (non returnable & non refundable) | flywheel CUMMINS 4009919 engine coolant temperature sensor | temperature sensor CUMMINS 3804303 engine oil pan gasket | oil pan gasket kit CUMMINS 3902127 clutch flywheel ring gear | gear, flywheel ring CUMMINS 3376859 electrical connectors - quick disconnect | connector, qck disconnect CUMMINS 3925332 plain hose CUMMINS 5293558 wiring harness | wiring harness CUMMINS 3688012 engine oil tube | lubricating oil drain tube CUMMINS 5268175 engine oil dipstick | dipstick CUMMINS 3417766 camshaft follower shaft | cam follower shaft CUMMINS 203387 dipstick CUMMINS 199358 sleeve,spline coupling CUMMINS 3033247 seal ring / washer | o-ring seal CUMMINS 3991516 air fuel control tube | air fuel control tube CUMMINS 3895736 hydraulic cover | cov, hdr CUMMINS 3932159 fuel injection oil supply line | fuel injector supply tube CUMMINS 3801451 engine gasket set - upper | upper engine gasket set CUMMINS 3684362 fuel manifold CUMMINS 4985110 gsk,hol CUMMINS 4307376 pressure relief valve | pressure relief valve CUMMINS 3892625 engine oil cooler gasket | oil cooler support gasket CUMMINS 3685336 multi-purpose hose | flexible hose CUMMINS 4953113 flexible hose CUMMINS 151900 seal ring / washer - rectangular | seal, rectangular ring CUMMINS 3883220 rocker lever cover gasket CUMMINS SP9004 spa,fan CUMMINS 3932160 fuel injection oil supply line | fuel injector supply tube CUMMINS 3943871 manifold | manifold CUMMINS 3943769 fuel injection oil supply line | fuel injector supply tube CUMMINS 3944293 gear housing gasket | gasket, gear housing CUMMINS 4900297 non-returnable, pump bracket CUMMINS 3972379 accessory drive belt - ribbed v-belt | v ribbed belt CUMMINS 3417161 wiring harness | harness, wiring CUMMINS 139988 seal ring / washer - rectangular | seal, rectangular ring CUMMINS 3824498 oil seal installer | installer, fr cv oil seal CUMMINS 4009829 sensor,pressure CUMMINS 4077278 sensor,pressure CUMMINS 3936365 pressure relief valve | pressure relief valve CUMMINS 4918563 tester,fuel system leak CUMMINS 205323 multi-purpose hardware - twelve point | cap screw CUMMINS 4900542 shaft,rocker lever CUMMINS 3681056 multi-purpose hardware - hexagon flange head | cap screw CUMMINS 3682177 seal ring / washer | o-ring seal CUMMINS 3400563 air brake compressor water inlet hose | tube, cpr water inlet CUMMINS 3683919 multi-purpose hardware - shoulder isolator | cap screw CUMMINS 3974765 quick disconnect connector CUMMINS 5443707 connection gasket CUMMINS 3945268 multi-purpose hose | molded hose CUMMINS 3093936 multi-purpose hardware - hexagon flange head | cap screw Browse more...

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