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Cham-Cal Engineering is a manufacturer of mirrors, brackets, and accessories for use in the commercial vehicle industry. Specializing in the production of pieces, parts, and hardware for use in heavy-duty trucking, Cham-Cal uses its manufacturing and design capabilities to service primarily the North American transportation markets.

Cham-Cal Engineering was founded in 1970 in a small facility in Southern California. Originally only producing a limited number of products, Cham-Cal quickly began to add new and improved items to its official product catalog, eventually branding out into all of the product categories that it manufactures for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucking today.

Since then, Cham-Cal has maintained its commitment to offering quality service through parts and practices that keep truckers at the heart of everything that they do. Cham-Cal's business structure is heavily reliant on trucking for the movement of the majority of the company's goods. They do this in order to generate an economic multiplier effect. As more truckers purchase their products, more jobs become available to more truckers, and the cycle repeats itself.

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